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In Lyceum of the Philippines University, we value your privacy and aim to uphold the same when processing your personal data.

For purposes of verifying your identity and processing your appointment with our offices, we may collect basic information about you such as your Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Address.

We are committed to protecting your personal data from loss, misuse, and any unauthorized processing activities, and will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard its security and confidentiality. Neither will we disclose, share, or transfer the same to any third party without your consent.

Unless you agree to have us retain your personal data for the purposes stated above, your data will only be kept for a limited period as soon as the purpose for their use has been achieved after which, they will be disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

You are also being informed that this online registration is powered by Microsoft Bookings. See link of Privacy, Cookies and Terms of Use below.

We recognize your rights with respect to your personal data. Should you wish to exercise any of them or if you have any concerns regarding our processing activities, you may contact us

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By clicking the BOOK button of the LPU Cavite Appointment System, I hereby acknowledge and certify that I have carefully read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Data Privacy Policy/Notice of the Lyceum of the Philippine University (LPU). By providing personal information to LPU, I am confirming that the data is true and correct. I understand that LPU reserves the right to revise any decision made on the basis of the information I provided should the information be found to be untrue or incorrect. I likewise agree that any issue that may arise in connection with the processing of my personal information will be settled amicably with LPU-C before resorting to appropriate arbitration or court proceedings within the Philippine jurisdiction. Finally, I am providing my voluntary consent and authorization to LPU and its authorized representatives to lawfully process my data/information.

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Date: 08/27/2020

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