Signing Ceremony and Cultural Exchange between LPU Cavite and Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College

Last December 9, 2021, LPU Cavite officially partnered with Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers through an MOU which was witnessed by the officials and students of both schools through an online signing ceremony. The ceremony began with the introduction of the officials from XKTC and from LPU Cavite. It was then followed by speeches from the President of XKTC, President Cai Fei and from the Vice-President for Administration and Registrar of LPU Cavite, Dr. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil. After the speeches and the video introductions of both schools, President Cai Fei and Dr. Pilapil officially signed the MOU between the institutions, which marked the beginning of a new partnership.

After the signing ceremony, selected LPU Cavite students were invited to a cultural exchange with the students from XKTC. Selected students from XKTC shared their knowledge on the culture of China, Xuzhou, and some Chinese arts and crafts. One group of students talked about “Rubbing Art” and “Paper Cutting” while another group of students discussed about “Tying Knots” and “Clay Figurines”. The students were given the opportunity to create their own arts and crafts through the workshop that the XKTC students organized.

The signing ceremony and cultural exchange between LPU Cavite and XKTC is just the beginning of a journey filled with limitless possibilities for the growth and development of both institutions.