LPU: Leading an Active ‘Lyce’ Community

By Jan Miguel J. Benitez

Active; Countless generational-slangs for this term are now emerging. One of the famed words in the rise is ‘pabibo’, which translates to being lively. A single word which is powerful enough to shout the mantras of the Lyceans, “We are Here! We are Ready!”.

LPU-C’s ‘Be Active Campaign’ harmonizes this movement.

This is a project which pursues to cater the physical and mental health of the organizational body of LPU. Attendees include the students, staff, and faculty members of the University. Held last 29th of October via Zoom, the Athletics Department and Sports Development Committee launched its initiative.

What is the “Be Active Campaign”?

The ‘Be Active’ Campaign centers on its goal to expand the influence on aiding the LPU Community become a catalyst of a healthy academic campus. Through a Virtual Zumba Assembly, it aims the participant to be engaged in a healthy lifestyle.

As one of the hosts of this project, we interviewed LPU-C Faculty Member, Mr. Niño Melindo.

Setting the Sails for our Pirates.

“We encourage not only the students, but as well the Faculty and Staff of LPU Cavite to be fit and healthy. In order to fight against this present situation, we need to be physically active and optimistic,” said Mr. Niño Melindo, on their goal for this campaign.

Being a P.E. Teacher allows us to exercise what we want to share, which is the Importance of Healthy Living with proper exercise and diet. Zumba is just an example for those who are interested in dancing while doing the other forms of exercises of their choice.

Defining ‘Active’.

Being active means, the ability to move your body and maximize its full potential, whether in the form of exercise, dance, or doing household chores. It is about your mindset and able to know your priorities. Speaking of mindset, mental health is important for us to assess nowadays.

What can you say to students who are having a difficult time in becoming ‘Active’?

For the students, don’t give up in finding your purpose – “Remember your Reason”. Thus, it is not about looking good but feeling good. It is not the standard of having a good body shape or abs that really matters. What really matters the most is your health.

An advice we must remember.

(P.E.M.S.) Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Socially Healthy should be our focus. We only live once on this earth and we should maximize our full potential. Learn to be more appreciative and be creative as well. Become pro-active and be an inspiration for others as well. Learn to move and move to learn so that we can enjoy life.