Inspiring the Youth: LPU Cavite Mentor Speaks at the GYLA Closing Ceremony

On August 27, 2021, Atty. Uella Mancenido-Gayo, the Director of the Human Resources Department, was invited to give a speech at the Closing Ceremony of the Online Summer Program of the Global Leadership Academy (GYLA). Atty. Gayo was the tutor representative or mentor of LPU Cavite’s youth delegate, Ms. Mia Aiko Pilapil. During the closing ceremony where Ms. Pilapil was given an Outstanding Participant Contribution Award, Atty. Gayo had the opportunity to speak to the 130 participants of GYLA.

In her speech, Atty. Gayo talked about the starting journey of the partnership between LPU Cavite and GYLA as Atty. Gayo and Ms. Pilapil are the pioneer Filipino delegates to participate in the said program. She talked about how this experience was not entirely a work-related affair but also it was a dream come true for her. She praised GYLA for being a platform that would allow the youth to hone their skills and mindsets in order to become leaders that will be able to contribute to making a better future. Atty. Gayo also praised the participants for working very hard during the two-week program through their active participation, presentations, and groupworks. She reminded them that their participation in GYLA was a prospect that could potentially open their careers to the world. She also quoted a line from an American TV show which had some participants in the comments typing with happiness. She quoted “When everything seems to lack in integrity, you know what to do? You find it in yourself. You change the world from right where you are standing.” From this quote, she emphasized the goal of GYLA for the participants.

One of the highlights of her speech was when she described the past two weeks as hearing statements such as “can you see me?” and “can you hear me?” due to the online nature of the program. Atty. Gayo therefore emphasized to the participants that they are heard, and they are seen. Their presence in the program is not only because it’s a culmination of the efforts of the older generation but it is a celebration of the gift that they hold. This gift is their idealism and their sense of obligation to change the world. Lastly, she advised the participants to “try very hard not to lose that fire, to be uncompromising with your principles, and to hold firm to that resolve to change the world, even when everything else around you are failing”. Atty. Gayo’s speech truly inspired the participants and made their resolve to change the world stronger than ever before.