First Steps to Experience Library At Home: The ARC Virtual Library Orientation for A.Y. 2021-2022 1st Semester

Every start of the semester, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) regularly conducts library orientations. On August 23 and 24, 2021, ARC conducted its Virtual Library Orientation for incoming Freshmen Students, both college, high school students, and newly-hired Faculty via Zoom Meeting. The 2-day virtual library orientation, segmented and divided into respective departments with 1-1 ½ hour allotment, allows the students and faculty to know the library resources and services offered by the library to support their curricular and instructional needs and enable them to make the best possible use of it. 

The highlights of the session are: library services with reiteration to the on-going library services during the Covid-19 pandemic some of which are: User Awareness that involves posting of newly added library materials on Facebook Page “Book on Spotlight” and sending the List of Added Materials via e-mail; Document Delivery Service that involves scanning parts or chapters of books, journal articles, research or its electronic counterpart and sending it to the library user via E-mail and; Borrowing and Returning or Circulation Services which can be accommodated on-site via appointment or thru courier service.

The participants are introduced to Arcy, the ARC’s virtual reference librarian; this is the collective name for the library staff group that will attend to user concerns, queries, and need via ARC’s official online platforms (E-mail and Facebook Page).

Also, Online Database subscriptions like GALE Database, ScienceDirect, and CD Asia Online are talked through with the provision of quick database navigation and basic tutorial for students and faculty to use these databases effectively.

 “The most valuable for me was being given the proper instructions on borrowing books. The system of the online libraries were [was] also discussed properly so I feel really ready to face the new school year with the help of those online academic materials.” answered by one of the students in the evaluation when asked what aspect/s of learning session/s was/were the most valuable to you and why?

ARC is ready more than ever to cater to the needs of its library users. The library staff are prepared and are professionally competent to provide quality services. The library resources are regularly updated and upgraded to deliver relevant information sources.