Borderless Learning Experience in LPU Cavite

As the pandemic continues to be a hindrance for students to go on exchange programs or international seminars, LPU Cavite assures its stakeholders that they could still receive an international learning experience. This is possible through its new innovation, which is the Borderless Learning Experience Program. This program aims to provide learning opportunities to all Lyceans from well known and respected personalities; to practice collaboration and synergy among key players of the educational and Industrial community; and to provide endless possibilities of learning in the 21st century.

Last December 17, 2021, the Borderless Learning Experience Program of LPU Cavite, together with the Global Youth Leadership Academy was able to present its first session which is entitled “Becoming A Professional of the World: A Call to Order”. Through this Zoom session, the students were able to learn from Dr. Liangrong Zu, the founder of GYLA (Global Youth Leadership Academy, whose expertise and experience are closely knit with various international organizations and the United Nations itself. Dr. Zu discussed about the Global Youth Leadership Academy and how it was able to make an impact on many of its students wherein many of them are currently working in various United Nations agencies. He was able to inspire the Lyceans to become not only leaders but entrepreneurial leaders whose qualities are essential in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. He also emphasized the importance of the 3Cs or the core qualities of a leader which are character, competence, and connection. Lastly, he encouraged Lyceans to be more exposed and participative in international programs, such as international webinars and internships in the United Nations agencies, for them to expand their knowledge in a multi-disciplinary approach which is an important quality in becoming a good leader.

LPU Cavite continues its mission to provide quality education to its students and to hone them into becoming globally competitive professionals, and this program is just one way of doing so. The Borderless Learning Experience program is open to all Lyceans and this session is just the first out of many more to come.