Annual Management Review and Planning 2021-2022

On August 2, 2021, Monday, the Annual Management Review and Planning A.Y 2021-2022 of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite began with a group photo of the 45 participants through Zoom.

The participants were then pleasantly welcomed by Ms. Sheralyn Sarmiento, Head of the Guidance and Testing Center, and Mr. Ivan Bartolata, OIC Dean of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, who both formally opened the event.

The University President, Atty. Roberto Laurel, called the meeting to order which was then followed by a prayer by Mr. Mhar Angelo Bayot, Headmaster of the International School, and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

The Vice President for Administration /Registrar, Ms. Teresa O. Pilapil informed every one of the agenda and set the expectations for the program. In her message, she quoted Alice Walker emphasizing that “time moves slowly, but passes quickly” to describe the circumstances that we are still facing with and asked everyone to consider this time as a great way to innovate and adapt.

Atty. Roberto Laurel gave his inspirational message by beginning with how excited he is despite these challenging times and he reassures us that we will surpass these difficulties. He congratulated everyone’s achievements in attaining the QS stars and also congratulated all the colleges particularly, CAMS and COECSA for showing the entire country that LPU’s name is out there with other top universities. He urged everyone to continue to market the university because LPU Cavite is not just a beautiful campus with outstanding facilities but we are more importantly a community of experienced and excellent educators.

Following this was the announcement of the top 3 winners for the ISA video competition. Starting with Global Relations and Strategic Partnerships (GRP) as the 3rd placer; Research and Publications Office (RPO) as the 2nd placer; and the College of Engineering, Computer Studies, and Architecture (COECSA) as the COECSA as the 1st placer.

The first resource speaker was Dr. Mark Irvin Celis who presented his talk entitled “Winning in the 21st Century- Customer Experience”. He discussed how big companies and organizations are focusing on the new 21st century strategies such as technology, artificial intelligence and digitalization. He asked the question on how can we move forward with this when some institutions are still anchored in the human resources operations and asked everyone to consider elevating the customer experience through branded experience by heightening the value of LPU in the minds of the students and stakeholders. He explained that the students and stakeholders are the bloodline of the customer experience and the customer journey. He noted that in order to succeed there are three (3) objectives that should be focused on which are: convenience by making the products and services easy; uncomplicated; and personal care and personalization by connecting to the customers’ emotions.

He put attention to the modern 21st century customer and that we must adjust and prepare for these changes and develop that “LPU WOW” experience to create a meaningful journey for the students.

He ended his talk by relating the customers to lions, stating that we have a lot of lions here in LPU but how do we tame these lions and turn these complaints into compliments? He expressed that we must see these complaints as advantages to further improve on ourselves and the system.

The awarding of certificate to the Resource speaker was conducted by the Executive Director for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ramon C. Maniago.

The next activity was on Strategic Quality Planning which was conducted by our Vice President, Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil.  She mentioned that after conducting a survey, she discovered a low rate in customer experience and asked us to identify the customer needs and conduct a plan of action and align the lesions.

A “Guess Who?” ice-breaker game was initiated by Engr. Rene Ricafort and Engr. Rhia Espanto from the Physical Plant and Facilities Management.

The participants were dispersed to their respective groups to work on the Strategic Planning Workshop. It was then followed by an insightful and relevant talk by Dr. Liangrong Zu, Founder and President of the Global Youth Leadership Academy, who spoke about “Global Education Leadership”.

He described the present moment as the great resignation and stressed that 4/10 people are resigning from their jobs because of the toxic workplace cultures which is rooted to a toxic leadership.

He noted that the pandemic has affected many organizations’ survival and explained that a leader must be able to play a two-part role which are being the front stage leader who focuses on showing empathy, inspiration and motivation and at the same time being the back stage leader who is daring and realistic.

He ended by saying that it is important to develop a new style of leadership in our programs through: 3Q (Cognitive/analytical thinking), 3C (Leadership), 3H (Entrepreneurial) and 3P (people/planet/profit) to empower the youth.

Dr. Zu was then awarded a certificate of recognition by Dr. Ramon C. Maniago.

Lastly, the participants were asked to show their pledge of commitment which was led by Atty. Roberto Laurel. The program ended with the singing of the LPU Hymn.