In an effort to foster excellence in education in line with the LPU-C F.U.T.U.R.E., the Academic Affairs Office organized a highly successful seminar workshop for college deans and program chairs and coordinators. This event, held recently at the Bayleaf Hotel Cavite, aimed to equip academic leaders with the tools and knowledge to enhance our institutions’ outcomes and impact on our dear learners.

The workshop focused on the concept of outcome-based education (OBE), Maximizing Student Success: Mastering Outcome-Based Education Strategies, and a student-centric approach. OBE emphasizes the attainment of specific learning outcomes as a measure of success, rather than just the completion of courses. It encourages educators to align their teaching strategies and curriculum with these outcomes, fostering a more goal-oriented and accountable educational environment.

One of the key highlights of the workshop was the diverse range of topics covered. Sessions included strategies for curriculum development, assessment and evaluation techniques, and effective implementation of OBE principles, facilitated by Dr. Cecilia Pring, the VPAR of LPU Batangas. The participants, consisting of college deans and program chairs and coordinators for the different colleges, found the seminar workshop to be a valuable platform for sharing experiences and best practices. The collaborative atmosphere enabled them to learn from each other and explore innovative solutions to the unique challenges they may face in their respective fields.

As a result of this workshop, college deans and program chairs left with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to OBE principles. They were equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to drive positive change within their institutions, promoting better learning outcomes and overall student success.