Set an Enrollment Appointment with Us

This appointment system is only for the New Applicants or New Students for the 1st Semester, AY 2021-2022.

Before scheduling an appointment for enrollment for NEW STUDENTS OR NEW APPLICANTS, please accomplish first the Online Pre-Enrollment Procedures available at

For Enrollment, please click this link:

You can also process enrollment online. To see the simple steps, you may 
click this link:

For Payment, please click this link:

You can also pay online or with our off-site payment partners 
available at

For Student Accounts (AIMS Student Portal and Microsoft 365), please click this link:

Did you know that after accomplishing step number 6 of the Online Enrollment, 
the ICT Department will forward you your student accounts like AIMS Student Portal,
Microsoft 365, and MyLPU E-Learning Portal?

For MyLPU E-Learning Portal, please click this link: