LPU Earth Delegates Enhance Environmental Education at DENR-EMB Training

Mr. Vincent C. Cortiñas, the Head of Communications and Public Affairs of Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Cavite, and Ms. Marianne D. Beatriz, the NSTP Coordinator and Program Coordinator for Education and Languages at LPU Cavite, embarked on a transformative journey towards bolstering environmental education. The dynamic duo recently participated in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau’s (EMB) Region IV-A’s Training for Teachers on the National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools. The event, held on August 30, 2023, at the Fynn Boutique Hotel in Bacoor, Cavite, stood as a beacon for promoting environmental awareness within educational institutions.

The training session was a pivotal milestone in the execution of Republic Act (R.A.) 9512, colloquially referred to as the “National Environmental Awareness Education Act of 2008.” The law’s core objective lies in nurturing environmental consciousness by motivating academic establishments to actively participate in environmental discourse. It seeks to empower faculty members and school administrators with the acumen to instigate proactive responses and cultivate community awareness and engagement in environmental affairs.

Anchoring this endeavor was its harmonization with the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program, a collaborative endeavor steered by the Writ of Continuing Mandamus of the Supreme Court and R.A. 9275. The program’s vision of collective responsibility in preserving Manila Bay’s ecological equilibrium seamlessly dovetailed with the broader aspirations of the training event.

Mr. Cortiñas and Ms. Beatriz lent their fervor and commitment to environmental preservation to the heart of this training. As representatives of LPU, their participation underscored the university’s unwavering dedication to ecological sustainability and its resolve to contribute to the wider narrative of eco-conscious practices.

The event provided an inclusive platform for participants to glean invaluable insights and share experiential wisdom on cultivating sustainability within their respective academic domains. Dynamic sessions and interactive discussions catalyzed the exchange of ideas, fostering a spirit of synergy among educators impassioned by the prospect of nurturing environmental stewardship among the younger generation.

This training initiative stands as a testament to the collaborative endeavors of multiple stakeholders in advancing environmental consciousness and education. With Mr. Cortiñas and Ms. Beatriz at the helm of active participation, the LPU Cavite community continues to etch its identity as a champion of sustainability, setting a compelling precedent for emulation.