LPU Cavite Welcomes Fun Run Scholars for AY 2023-2024: Meet Ms. Francesca Gurimbao and Ms. Princess Joy Andres

Running for Education and Empowerment at LPU Cavite’s Fun Run 2023

In a testament to their commitment to education and community engagement, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite (LPU Cavite) proudly presents its newly selected Fun Run Scholars for the Academic Year 2023-2024. Spearheaded by the institution’s chairperson, Dr. Ramon C. Maniago, this initiative not only highlights the spirit of athleticism but also underscores the dedication of LPU Cavite to providing quality education to deserving individuals. This year, the recipients of this prestigious scholarship are Ms. Francesca Gurimbao and Ms. Princess Joy Andres.

The Fun Run Scholar Program: Running for a Cause

The Fun Run Scholar Program at LPU Cavite is a unique scholarship opportunity that intertwines the concepts of fitness, community service, and education. Spearheaded by Dr. Ramon C. Maniago, this program exemplifies the institution’s commitment to holistic development. Every year, students are selected based on their academic excellence, leadership skills, and passion for making a positive impact in society. These scholars symbolize the spirit of “running for a cause,” where their dedication to education and personal growth aligns seamlessly with their commitment to community welfare.

Meet the Fun Run Scholars: Ms. Francesca Gurimbao and Ms. Princess Joy Andres
Ms. Francesca Gurimbao: Hailing from a background characterized by perseverance and determination, Ms. Francesca Gurimbao has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess throughout her journey. Known for her consistent dedication to her studies and her active involvement in various extracurricular activities, Francesca has earned her place as one of LPU Cavite’s Fun Run Scholars. With her commitment to holistic development and a deep sense of responsibility towards her community, Francesca exemplifies the values that LPU Cavite holds dear. She has enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management in International Travel and Tourism Management.
Ms. Princess Joy Andres: A beacon of positivity and resilience, Ms. Princess Joy Andres embodies the essence of the Fun Run Scholar Program. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. Princess’ passion for helping others, coupled with her academic excellence, makes her a standout scholar at LPU Cavite. Her dedication to both her studies and her community aligns perfectly with the core principles of the Fun Run Scholar Program. She has chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

The Fun Run 2023: A Fusion of Athleticism and Empowerment

The Fun Run 2023, organized by LPU Cavite and spearheaded by its chairperson, Dr. Ramon C. Maniago, serves as the cornerstone event that brings together the spirit of athleticism and empowerment. With a focus on raising awareness for education and promoting community welfare, this event has gained traction as a unique platform to create positive change. The participation of the newly selected Fun Run Scholars, Ms. Francesca Gurimbao and Ms. Princess Joy Andres, further enriches the event’s significance.

As LPU Cavite welcomes the academic year 2023-2024, the institution proudly salutes the achievements and aspirations of its Fun Run Scholars. Spearheaded by Dr. Ramon C. Maniago, Ms. Francesca Gurimbao and Ms. Princess Joy Andres stand as symbols of academic excellence, community dedication, and the unyielding spirit of empowerment. Through the Fun Run Scholar Program and events like the Fun Run 2023, LPU Cavite continues to foster an environment where education and social responsibility intersect, creating a brighter future for all.