LPU Cavite Celebrates Unsung Heroes and Pioneers Quality Assurance Initiatives

LPU Cavite is aware of and appreciates the crucial role that unseen workers play in maintaining the campus’s cleanliness, safety, and general well-being. From janitors, busboys, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to air conditioning technicians, gardeners, technicians, drivers, and security guards, these unsung heroes collectively form the backbone of the institution, contributing significantly to the university’s success.

In a heartfelt tribute, LPU Cavite has initiated a special recognition program to honor these unsung heroes for their dedication and hard work. This program aims to not only express gratitude but also inspire pride and motivation within this group of essential workers.

In a pioneering initiative, the Center for Quality Assurance and Knowledge Management (CQA), under the leadership of Dir. Roy Ferolino and the Human Resource Department (HRD), led by Dir. Lourdes C. Reyes at LPU Cavite has orchestrated an orientation program for these indispensable contributors. This program aims to familiarize them with the university’s steadfast commitment to quality assurance, offering valuable insights to uphold and elevate quality standards.

LPU Cavite’s dedication to celebrating its unsung heroes and pioneering quality assurance initiatives reflects the university’s commitment to a positive work environment, where every individual is valued. Beyond acknowledgment and orientation, the university is actively exploring initiatives to improve working conditions, offering training programs, health benefits, and growth opportunities for these essential contributors.

This holistic approach underscores LPU Cavite’s commitment to equality and inclusivity, fostering a positive work culture where the contributions of every individual, regardless of their role, are acknowledged, celebrated, and incorporated into the university’s fabric of appreciation.