Empowering Lives: Nurturing Health and Equality – A Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative towards SDGs

In commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the collaborative efforts of the Human Resource Department and the Health Services Department culminated in a highly successful online event named “Breast Cancer Awareness: A Lay Forum” on October 27, 2023. The virtual gathering attracted a diverse audience, including academic support personnel, faculties, and regular employees, all united in their commitment to raising awareness about breast cancer, its risk factors, clinical management, and aligning their efforts with Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being).

A standout moment of the event was the comprehensive discussion on early detection, clinical symptom recognition, and the proactive approach to personal wellness in the context of breast cancer. Dr. Ai-Jen Russ O. Bautista, the esteemed speaker, left an indelible mark by empowering participants with a resonant message: “LET’S BE AWARE: early detection, early management, early discovery.”

The event not only served as an educational platform but also reinforced the commitment to Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in promoting gender equality and ensuring good health and well-being. The collective engagement underscored the importance of proactive healthcare measures and echoed the broader societal responsibility to address critical health issues.

As the event gracefully concluded, participants expressed their gratitude, affirming the significance of the topic and the meaningful answers provided to their questions. This initiative stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering health, equality, and community well-being, aligning its actions with the global aspirations encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals.