Collaboration Between ALS and the Nursing Program Sparks Remarkable Educational Transformation

The successful collaboration between the ALS and the nursing program has yielded remarkable results. Students enrolled in the ALS program found immense value in the interactive teaching methods employed during the modules titled ‘How Can We Help Life on Land?’ and ‘How Can I Stay Safe at Work?’ This endeavor not only enhanced the learning experience for them but also nurtured a sense of responsibility towards the environment and personal safety. It stands as a testament to the power of innovative partnerships in revolutionizing education for marginalized learners, ushering in a brighter and more enlightened future.

The participation of ten (10) ALS students showcased noteworthy progress in grasping the module’s content. They adeptly connected the concepts they learned with real-life scenarios, thereby deepening their comprehension. The collaborative teaching approach of nursing student volunteers from BSN 202, namely Ms. Maricris Salundaguit, Rudolf Mitra, Yszamin Zyra Ileto, Helena Marie Bayot, Xyrus Ken Contemprato, and Diana Elizabeth Dela Cruz, was instrumental in this success. Under the supervision of Dr. Cecille Quibel, the Dean of the College of Nursing, along with Mr. Jan Jarrel Gillego, the College Secretary, Mr. Noel Christian Cruz, Level 1 Coordinator, and Ms. Elsa Regalado, the Clinical Coordinator, this effort was coordinated in partnership with the COSeL office on June 9, 2023.