CHAMPIONING ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite’s Protect the Earth Program

In an era defined by environmental challenges, the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite has emerged as a vanguard of change with its innovative and comprehensive “Protect the Earth” program. Spearheaded by Dr. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, the Vice President for Administration, this program has rapidly evolved into a beacon of environmental education, fostering an ethos of conservation and sustainability among students, faculty, and the community. Under the matrix 4.3.2 to 4.3.4 of Times Higher Education’s Quality Education criteria, the “Protect the Earth” initiative exemplifies the institution’s commitment to shaping socially responsible citizens.

Vision and Mission: Sowing Seeds of Change for Future Generations

Since its inception in July 2022, the “Protect the Earth” program has gained remarkable momentum, positioning LPU Earth as a key influencer of environmental consciousness. The program envisions a future where LPU Earth becomes a nationally recognized entity, empowering Filipinos to catalyze environmental change for generations to come. The mission revolves around mobilizing the Lycean community and beyond, creating environmental policies, fostering collaboration, and nurturing sustainable development.

Thrusts and Objectives: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

The program’s four central thrusts – Energy Conservation, Flora and Fauna, Air and Water Quality Management, and Waste Management – underscore its holistic approach to sustainability. This holistic approach is further underpinned by a set of objectives: to formulate conservation policies, raise awareness, encourage collaboration, and establish partnerships for environmental protection. This multifaceted strategy ensures a well-rounded understanding of the complex challenges our planet faces.

Program Launch: Setting the Stage for Transformation

The program was inaugurated on July 19, 2022, with a launching ceremony that laid the foundation for transformative change. Esteemed speakers, including climate change advocate Ms. Lidy Nacpil and experts Dr. Arnel Avelino and Dr. Mark Irvin Celis, engaged the audience with insightful discussions on safeguarding the environment.

Strategic Planning: Crafting the Blueprint for Change

The core group of LPU Cavite’s Protect the Earth Strategic Planning, led by Dr. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, embarked on an essential journey of strategic planning on August 15, 2022. This initiative aimed to structure the program’s growth, fostering a future where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the institution and the community.

Induction of Officers and Seminars: Empowering Agents of Change An induction of officers and a series of seminars held on October 12, 2022, bolstered the program’s impact. Dr. Renato Escruel, Head of the City Environmental and Natural Resources Office, led the induction, while seminars led by environmental experts enriched the participants’ understanding of air and water quality management and environmental advocacy.

Activity Narratives: Bridging Education and Action

The program’s rich tapestry of activities exemplifies its commitment to bridging environmental education with tangible actions:Grow Urban Garden Activity: A collaborative endeavor involving the College of Allied Medical Sciences, this initiative introduced urban gardening to the campus, promoting access to fresh, healthy foods and demonstrating the link between vegetation and climate improvement.

Climate Change Literacy Seminar: Organized by the College of Liberal Arts and Education, this seminar featured Architect Farmer Reynaldo Solero, who shared practical steps for combatting climate change. His personal experiences and expertise resonated with faculty, students, and academic support personnel.

Fostering Environmental Consciousness Seminar: Engr. Sherwin Valeroso’s seminar addressed plastic waste issues, sparking environmental consciousness within students and faculty and encouraging their involvement in waste prevention and alternative management.

ECOMODA Sustainable Fashion Show: Collaborating with the College of Fine Arts and Design, LPU Earth orchestrated ECOMODA, a sustainable fashion show spotlighting innovative, environmentally conscious creations. This event showcased Lycean talent while advocating for sustainable fashion practices.

Keeping it simple and sustainable in recognition with this year’s Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our Planet”, LPU Earth kicks off ECOMODA, a sustainable fashion show organized by College of Fine Arts and Design, headed by Mr. Javier Antonio G. Laurel, in collaboration with the Communications and Public Affairs Department, led by Mr. Vincent C. Cortiñas, last April 20, 2023, 4:00 in the afternoon at the LPU grounds. Lyceans witnessed a runway with a representation of sustainable fashion couture. Lycean student designers and models from different colleges flaunt a variety of their unique style and out of the ordinary monochromatic creations which showcased wearable art by assembling outfits from reused clothes and repurposing or altering reused clothing and accessories.

Paint a Nature Exhibit: COECSA and LPU Earth organized an exhibit featuring artworks from Architecture students, intertwining art and environmental conservation to inspire viewers to appreciate nature’s beauty and significance.

Environmental Variety Show: In a celebration of Earth Day, LPU Earth presented an Environmental Variety Show, providing a platform for students to creatively engage with environmental themes.

LPU Earth Clean-Up Drive: As part of Earth Day 2023, the College of Engineering, Computer Studies, and Architecture initiated a series of clean-up drives across multiple barangays in Cavite, fostering community participation in environmental preservation.

Conclusion: Nurturing Sustainable Minds and Hearts

LPU Cavite’s Protect the Earth program encapsulates the institution’s dedication to nurturing environmentally conscious citizens who understand the intricacies of sustainability and are committed to effecting positive change. Through visionary leadership, strategic planning, and an array of impactful activities, LPU Earth has succeeded in creating a platform that integrates education and action, positioning the institution as a trailblazer in environmental stewardship.