ASEAN Month 2023

As the ASEAN community continues to foster unity and celebrate its rich diversity, LPU Cavite showcases the cultural tapestry that defines this dynamic region. The university embarked on a colorful journey in celebration of ASEAN Month, bringing together senior leaders, academic support personnel, and faculty members in a remarkable display of cultural pride.

This year’s ASEAN Month celebration at LPU Cavite encouraged participants to not just learn about the ASEAN culture but to embody it through their clothing choices.
Senior leaders, academic support personnel, and faculty members enthusiastically embraced the challenge by donning attire representative of ASEAN member nations. This gesture was a tangible symbol of unity and solidarity, emphasizing that diversity is a source of strength rather than division.

Mr. Alejandro Nueva Jr., a faculty member from the College of Liberal Arts and Education, shared his thoughts on the importance of celebrating ASEAN month as an educational institution. Ms. Lei Juliana Chartist Valenzuela, an AB Foreign Service student, discussed the role of ASEAN in making an impact on the educational journey of students.

LPU Cavite’s celebration of ASEAN Month 2023 was a testament to the university’s commitment to promoting cultural diversity, understanding, and appreciation. By encouraging its senior leaders, academic support personnel, and faculty members to embrace ASEAN attire, the institution not only celebrated the beauty of the region but also sent a powerful message that unity in diversity is a core value worth celebrating and upholding.

The LPU Cavite ASEAN Month celebration served as a reminder that through education and cultural exchange, we can create bridges of understanding and solidarity that cross borders and promote a brighter future for ASEAN and the rest of the world.