Fine Arts and Design


The College of Fine Arts and Design envisions itself being a hub of the arts in the South East Asian region founded in truth for god and country.



To produce multifaceted, visually literate, critical thinking artists conscious of the human condition espousing the ideals of Jose P. Laurel.



The College of Fine Arts and Design is the newest established college of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite. College of Fine Arts and Design or also known as “CFAD” was established early this Academic Year 2019-2020.

At the present time CFAD is being administered by the good leadership of Mr. Javier Antonio G. Laurel together with the help of the Chairperson, Mr. Angelo Gian De Mesa. CFAD comprises of preeminent and exceptional faculty members who has strong and solid background and experiences in the industry.

Under this college are two renowned programs that the university is being offered: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Bachelor of Multimedia Arts. Programs where talent, skill, knowledge, and passion is being exposed and shared to the society.




Chronicling the critical impact of Filipino Artists, Photographers, and Filmmakers to contribute towards a Filipino visual culture.

Fines Arts and Design

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