Trainers’ Methodology I (TM I) Assessment

On April 28, 2016, two faculty members of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite participated in the Trainer’s Methodology I (TM I) assessment at Jacobo Z. Gonzales Trade School, Biñan, Laguna. The candidates from LPU-Cavite were Mr. Andrew Nico O. Pilapil and Ms. Ma. Cecilia J. Biñas, both are faculty members of CITHM.

The assessment was participated by a total of 10 candidates from different provinces. It started with a brief orientation at exactly 9:00 in the morning and was facilitated by three (3) TESDA-accredited TM assessors. The assessment included a written essay exam, followed by the practical demonstration exam, wherein the participants conducted and facilitated their chosen programs to sample candidates.

Mr. Pilapil, Cookery NC II holder, conducted his Cookery program about preparing stocks, sauces, and soups. He also demonstrated how to prepare appetizers, and salads and dressing. On the other hand, Ms. Biñas who is a Housekeeping NC II holder conducted and facilitated her program on dealing with intoxicated guests.

Right after demonstration, the candidate is given feedback by the assigned assessor and their portfolios were checked one by one. After the whole day assessment, candidates from LPU Cavite were both graded “Competent”, and are now certified trainers in their chosen program.