One of the mission of Lyceum of the Philippines University is to support a consistent community extension program and utilize social transformation. To fulfill the university’s mission, they invited the Trece Martires City Chapter of TESDA to inspect the facilities of LPU if the university is capable of providing services along the line of the different assessments offered by TESDA.

Last September 19, 2015, TESDA members visited LPU to audit and to assess the facilities of the university. They observed the facilities for Cookery, Housekeeping, Beauty Care, Food and Beverage, Bread & Pastry Production and Bartending. The members of TESDA were divided into smaller groups and were assigned different facilities as guided by Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis, Director of Technical Skills Development and Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, Vice President for Administration/Registrar.

The TESDA members noticed the determination of the university to be part of the Assessment Center while they inspected all the above-mentioned facilities. They approved with what they saw. Some TESDA members recommended additional equipment for the enhancement of the facilities and offered advice related to the plans.

After the inspection, the representatives of TESDA, together with Ms. Rosanna Laurel, Ms. Maria Teresa Pilapil, Dr. Mark Irvin Celis and Ms. Jocelyn Camalig, gathered in the Board Room to discuss the result of the inspection.

Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil and Ms. Rosanna Laurel as they guided the TESDA inspectors..


Ms. Laurel, showing the equipment to the TESDA inspector.


TESDA inspectors, meeting in the Executive’s Board Room.


Ms. Pilapil, Dr. Celis and Ms. Camalig together with the TESDA inspectors, discussion about the facilities.


Ms. Laurel and Ms. Pilapil, hearing some recommendations from the inspectors.


Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, Ms. Rosanna Laurel and Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis, photo opportunity with the TESDA inspectors.


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