PAPSCU-PEARL Seminar-Workshop on Quantitative Research

The second of the series of five seminar-workshops sponsored by the Philippine Association of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities – Excellent Academic Research Link (PAPSCU-PEARL) was held at Emilio Aguinaldo College-Manila (EAC) on May 11-14, 2016.

The 4-day seminar workshop was devoted for the in-depth discussion of Qualitative Research. As one of the HEI members of PAPSCU, LPU-Cavite was represented by Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis, Research Director, and Ms. Kimberly Joy E. Alcaraz, Research Coordinator.

Dr. Socorro M. Rodriguez, Chair of PAPSCU-PEARL 2016, welcomed the participants and gave a brief orientation on the use of SPSS for quantitative research.

As the resource speaker, Dr. Belinda V. de Castro talked about quantitative date analysis using SPSS version 24. During the lecture presentation, the participants also had hands-on activities to better understand and appreciate the application of such statistical software.

One of the highlights of the said workshop is the lecture on Structural equation Modeling (SEM) using a software package called AMOS. SEM is a powerful way which takes into account the modeling of interactions of the different variables under study.

Different sets of data were given as practice exercises to further understand the use of the software. Analysis and interpretation of the results derived from the software was also discussed.

As an output of the 4-day seminar, all participants were asked to orally present their quantitative research proposal using SEM. After each presentation, Dr. de Castro gave her analysis and assessment of the proposal, which can further improve the proposed research study.

All participants are expected to submit their qualitative research proposal, following the guidelines given, on or before June 14, 2016.

The seminar-workshop concluded with the awarding of the certificates to the participants.

Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis and Ms. Kimberly Joy E. Alcaraz as LPU-Cavite’s representatives for the PAPSU-PEARL Seminar Workshop on Quantitative Research.


Ms. Kimberly Joy E. Alcaraz presenting their quantitative research topic proposal using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

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