Seminar / Workshop; Research Methodologies

As the Research and Skills Development Office pursue efforts to improve the research capabilities of the non-teaching personnel at the Lyceum of the Philippines University, the office held the 2nd part of their Research Seminar last September 24. With the workshop entitled “Research Methodologies” geared to teach the NTP how to utilize research by understanding its methodologies.

The seminar started with a prayer followed by a singing of the national anthem. To formally start the seminar, Dr. Mark Irvin Celis, the Director of Skills Development Office delivered a motivational message to encourage NTP and explain the importance of research especially to these personnel. He also stated that research isn’t only for the academic officials, but it is also important for the rest of LPU academic community. As he ends his message, he stated that research is not just finding for answers, but it is also to create innovations that can be useful for the success of the University.

As the seminar/workshop proper started, Dr. Celis introduced the speaker of the event, Ms. Kimberly Joy E. Alcaraz. Ms. Alcaraz started the talk with a brief explanation of how important the seminar is. She stated that the seminar will further help them in the near future should they need to make a research paper or if ever they need innovations to improve their departments. The highlight of the event was about the methodology used to formulate research topic, research questions, etc. At the end of the event, the NTP’s were encouraged to use the methodologies for them to be guided on their research proposals.

Dr. Mark Irvin Celis, Director of Skills Development Office, delivering his opening remarks..


Ms. Kimberly Joy E. Alcaraz, presenting the Research Methodologies..


Non-teaching personnel from different departments in the university..



Ms. Abigail Basas, receiving her Certificate assisted by Dr. Celis and Ms. Alcaraz..


Ms. Miriam Abayan, Head of CSI, receiving her certificate..





Ms. Charmaine Iso, Secretary of ITD, receiving her certificate..



Ms. Annie Barlao, Head of CPAD, receiving her certificate..







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