Research at LPU

The Research, Publications, and Innovation Center (RPIC) was established in 2014 to oversee the Research Office and the Publications Office. RPIC had as its primary objective the promotion of a research culture and the improvement of the research capability of the institution by regularly providing in-house learning and development programs, research trainings, seminars and workshops for faculty members and for the academic support personnel (ASP). In 2015, as part of an ongoing evolution of structures, roles and responsibilities, the Research and Innovation Center (RIC) was formed to handle faculty research, and the Research and Technical Skills Development Office (RTSD) was designed to handle non-faculty research together with technical skills training. When technical education was given its own office, the department retained the name Research and Innovation Center (RIC) until 2020, when it was finally called Research and Publications Office (RPO).



LPU shall become a global knowledge center in the Asia Pacific region, a prime mover in the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipinos, and a seedbed for young, Filipino creative and innovative talents.

The LPU research vision is aligned with that of the Commission on Higher Education(CHED): to “effectively work in partnership with higher education stakeholders in building the country's human capital and innovative capacity towards the development of a Filipino nation as a responsible member of the international community” - CHED Strategic Plan for 2011-2016.



Anchored on CHED's principles of higher education and LPU's educational philosophy, LPU sets the research agenda and supporting initiatives aimed at the production of high-quality researches. LPU research agenda includes:

  1.  improving LPU’s research capability towards international competitiveness
    1. research capability building programs for faculty members and academic support personnel (ASP).
    2. strengthening graduate education in priority disciplines.
  1. enhancing LPU’s research productivity thru:
    1. provision of research funds for institutional researches
    2. iinstitutionalization of a system of rewards and incentives for research undertakings and outputs of faculty and ASP researchers
    3. adoption of mentoring, monitoring and peer-review system in research outputs
  1. generating new knowledge needed for the advancement of higher education as well as for national development thru:
    1. dovetailing research with R&D initiatives of CHED, DOST and other funding sponsors
    2. international and local networking and linkages,
  1. promoting and facilitating dissemination and utilization of research outputs thru:
    1. supporting dissemination of research outputs
    2. research utilization and technology commercialization programs

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