The Laro ng Lahi 2020: Ang Sagisag ng Pagkakakilanlan promoted Filipino culture through games called “Larong Pinoy” which showcased the culture of Filipinos throughout the years. The event also presented the lifestyle of the ethnic tribes in the Philippines which were reflected in their respective tribal dances.

The event commenced when Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, our Vice President for Administration/Registrar and Dr. Ramon C. Maniago, our Executive Dean, lighted the main torch to signify “the lighting of the symbol of our national identity”.

The Laro ng Lahi 2020 was also made successful through the guidance of TTM 202 Event Class ' Events Adviser. Mr. Andrew Nico O. Pilapil. He guided the Event Class of TTM 202 with his expertise coming from years of experience, sharp, with and unyielding determination to instill knowledge to his subjects, and an ever encouraging attitude that lifted the class ' spirits during the preparation and on the actual event. We take great pride in outcome of our event and our adviser that guided us which made the event successful.

The tribes competed in a tribal dance competition that presented the ethnic dances of the tribes in which their teams are named after. They delivered well in showcasing the beauty of Filipino tradition and lifestyle of Filipinos all throughout   the Philippines. All the teams did a great job in representing their respective tribes but there is one that stood out among them, the Tagbanua Tribe presented their tribal dance with cultural accuracy and utmost grace. The Aeta Tribe and Mangyan Tribe came in with a tie at second place and T’boli tribe came in third place.

The masters of the ceremony of the event, Mr. Joshua Maranan and Ms. Chiny Rose Medina, cited a short introduction that revitalized the nationalism and the idea of “Bayanihan” to the subjects of the event.

After the introduction by the masters of ceremony, the team leaders of each tribes carried a nipa hut which symbolized the spirit of Bayanihan, an idea that forwards unity and cooperation among Filipinos; an idea that remained in our Filipino lineage for years that passed and will continue to flourish for the years to come. The team leaders presented their tribes by lighting their respective torches and raising their flags high. The tribes were: the BadjaoTribe lead by Dr. Mark Irvin Celis, the Ifugao Tribe lead by Dra. Ma. Cecilia Quibel, the Igorot Tribe lead by Mr. Reynaldo San Mateo, the Mangyan Tribe lead by Fr. Ramil Marcos, the Manobo Tribe lead by Ms. Fedelyn Estrella, the Tagbanua Tribe lead by Mr. Javier Antonio Laurel, the Aeta Tribe lead by Ms. Mary Rose Mojica, and the T’boli Tribe lead by Mr. Vincent Cortiñas.

The Tagbanua Tribe won the overall champion of the Laro ng Lahi 2020 through their perseverance and strong will. They won a certificate of recognition and cash prize of twenty thousand pesos in forms of twenty-peso bills. The Badjao Tribe won as the second placer of the overall ranking wherein they also won a certificate of recognition along with a five thousand pesos cash prize. Last but not the least of the tribes is the Isnag Tribe which won the third place in the overall ranking, winning a certificate of recognition and a three thousand pesos cash prize. The event ended around one in the afternoon with great success; successfully fulfilling its objective to instill nationalism, competitiveness, the spirit of bayanihan, and revitalizing our national identity.