A Perfect Laurel

Seventy (70) is important in the numerical symbolism of the Bible. The factors of this number are 7 (a sign of fulfillment and completion, as in the days of Creation), and 10 (the number of God’s Commandments). The Lord Jesus commanded his disciples to forgive each other seventy times seven times. He chose seventy disciples to be sent out to preach and heal.

On January 24, this year, LPU’s indefatigable President, Atty. Roberto “Bobby” Laurel, celebrates his 70th birthday. There is cause for rejoicing among his family and friends. There is much reason for hope among the people he works with and on those who benefit from his life’s vision and labor.

Atty. Bobby was born in 1950 to the family of the former Sotero (+) Laurel and his wife Lorna Laurel, who became his guiding light and inspiration from his early years. He attended grade school in La Salle, high school and college in Ateneo de Manila, law school in UP Diliman, and Masters of Law in Columbia University (USA).

Slowly attracted to the field of education, he became Dean of the College of Business Administration in the 1980s at the family-owned Lyceum of the Philippines University, founded by his grandfather, former Philippine President and hero Jose P. Laurel. By the 1990s he involved himself more seriously into the educational sphere.

As educator, Atty. Bobby is a visionary who dreams big and reaches new heights in pursuit of excellence and perfection. Committed to the education, training and formation of young minds, he is intrepid in confronting risks and ventures that will benefit his fellow men and women who thirst for knowledge and truth.

In his private life, Atty. Bobby is nourished by his devotion to family life. He is blissfully married to wife Jocelyn with whom he raised four children: Javier Antonio (Dean of LPU Cavite’s College of Fine Arts and Design), Rosanna Margarita (Chairperson of Applied Aesthetics Program of LPU Cavite), Roberta Beatrice, and Jose Angel. Atty. Bobby currently has a cherished grandson, Jaime Martin Laurel.

The whole LPU Cavite community wishes University President, Atty. Bobby Laurel, vigorous health, overflowing happiness, and increasing wholeness in his relationship with God and with his neighbors.