This year’s Korean Language and Cultural Presentation paved way for the LPU Community to engage in diversity and value the differences.

Last March 04, 2019, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite, held a presentation at the Auditorium as part of the University’s 11th Foundation Anniversary. Administrators, faculty, and students from various departments gathered to witness a magnificent performance of language and culture.

The Korean Language and Cultural Presentation was performed by ARTRA COMPANY, a cultural and artistic content agency composed of top artists, trainers, and directors, created to cultivate advanced artists to realize the ideology necessary in contemporary culture and arts. The ARTRA COMPANY was invited by Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite to provide broad knowledge and deep understanding of Korean culture. Beginning with an informative session of Hangul, the Korean Language, the program was followed by a cultural presentation of traditional instruments, singing of KPOP songs, and KPOP dances. The day ended with Lyceans having an opportunity to wear the Korean traditional clothing known as Hanbok.

Although the cultural show is an annual event during the foundation anniversary, it does not fail to astonish the eyes of its audience, because aside from the happiness and entertainment that it brings, it also encourages people to learn more and appreciate the culture of the featured country. – R.M. Abanto