1.0 POSITION TITLE: Librarian

2.0 DEPARTMENT: Academic Resources Center


Reports to: Director of Libraries


4.1 To promote effectiveness and efficiency in the organization by maintenance and proper usage of periodicals collection.

4.2 To develop a system of organization, maintenance, preservation and utilization of the audio visual and other non-book collections.

4.3 To efficiently and effectively deliver of services by providing information, guidance and assistance to staff/patrons and the maximum use of the collection and facilities of the library.

4.4 To acquire materials by purchase, donations, exchange and other mean (e.g. books, non-book materials and electronic media resources) relevant to the curriculum offerings and research programs of the college.


5.1 Manages the periodical collection such as journals, magazines and newspapers for the easy use of students, faculty and administration.

5.2 Prepares indexes and of periodicals, magazines and journals to facilitate the identification and location of articles needed.

5.3 Assist in the selection and acquisition of periodical titles needed by the faculty, students and administration.

5.4 Claims, issues of periodicals, magazines journals and newspaper not received

5.5 Facilitates loans of periodicals and other serial publications.

5.6 Assist the readers in locating and finding the needed periodicals in the collection.

5.7 Organizes and maintains the vertical files.

5.8 Initiates exchange program with other libraries for scholarly journals or research publications.

5.9 Prepares periodicals for binding.

5.10 Performs such other responsibilities, analogous, germane or related to and/or implied from the above enumeration.

5.11 Evaluates, selects and reviews audio-visual and other non-book materials for acquisition in coordination with the acquisition librarian and faculty.

5.12 Consults reviewing tools for the judicious selection of materials.

5.13 Assist in the cataloging, classification and labeling of audio-visual and non-book materials.

5.14 Prepares and submit monthly acquisitions list indicating the sources, total expenditures and requesting department or college.

5.15 Prepares and submit yearly proposed library budget

5.16 Receives and acknowledges donations from donors.

5.17 Prepares monthly report/payment of local newspapers and magazines for the Periodical Section.

5.18 Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Libraries.


6.1 Communicates to the Director, Academic Resource Center

6.2 Coordinates with the other offices for book requirements

6.3 Contacts the Director of ARC, colleagues and students on library problems


7.1 Education

7.1.1 At least Baccalaureate degree in History and/or Library/information Science

7.2 Work Experience/s:

7.2.1 At least one year of library experience.

7.3 Special Qualities/ Skills Required:

7.3.1 At least a licensed librarian

7.3.2 Must possess strong interpersonal relationship skills.


Work @ LPU Cavite

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