The LPU Cavite Internship Program

The LPU Cavite internship program is a multidisciplinary program which enables students to work for a company for a certain period of time.

The primary objective of the program is to provide opportunity for students to gain knowledge of the profession, work collaboratively with professionals, to network and establish connections, and to experience professional life. For the practicum training to be meaningful and relevant, ILESC ensures that internship programs of students are program-related.

Generally, students enter into the program during the last academic year, on the premise that students have already acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge for successful entry into the industry. The only exceptions to this are the students taking up programs under the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) and BS Pharmacy. The CITHM program curricula are designed in such a way that there is progression in acquiring the basic concepts, attitudes and skills. As such, internship is divided into two sessions: Internship (Practicum) 1, taken at the end of the second year and Internship (Practicum) 2 and 3, taken at the end of fourth year. In the case of BS Pharmacy students, because of the need for students to have internship in tri-focal setting, internship is taken also in progression, every summer of the academic year.

The academic credit for internship is earned through the College. Following what is reflected in the program curriculum, the internship subject may earn 2, 4, or 6 units with corresponding time commitments.


Program Concentrations

The internship is concentrated on the requirements reflected in the program curriculum designed in such a way that students will acquire basic concepts, attitudes, and skills and will have exposure to the profession necessary for successful entrance and placement in the industry upon graduation. To ensure that students will have a program-related and career-related work experience, students are placed in training areas that are aligned with their course. To date, the university has established partnerships with over 100 local establishments across all sectors.


Application Procedure






Present Student Evaluation Report (SER) for academic qualification assessment

College Chairperson/Coordinator



Attend the internship orientation




Attend the Image and Skill Enhancement Training (IM SET)

Pay at the Accounting Office then present OR to ILESC



Submit all the requirements to ILESC

 Respective Career & Placement Officer







Present Letter of Recommendation to company

Submit Acceptance Letter to ILESC once accepted




Attend and complete internship at the company

Complete time commitment



Submit all required documents for grade encoding

One (1) week before or after completion of internship



Important Dates

15 January 2015                         Start of application for summer internship (CITHM & Pharmacy)


14 & 17 February 2015                Image and Skill Enhancement Training Cycle 2 (Batch 1)

                                                  MA-OM, ECE, EE, ME, MMA, LS, HRDM, Accountancy


18 & 21 February 2015                Image and Skill Enhancement Training Cycle 2 (Batch 2)

                                                     CPE, IE, CE, CS, IT, FS, ABComm, Psychology


23 February 2015                       Start of application for summer internship (CAS, CBA, COECSA)

14 March 2015                           Deadline of submission of requirements (for graduating students)


 Download Templates

  1. Student Internship Application [C-LESC-T01-14] (pdf/104kb)
  2. Application Checklist Requirements [C-LESC-T02-14] (pdf/84kb)
  3. Internship Waiver and Undertaking [C-LESC-T04-14] (pdf/87kb)
  4. Enrollment Waiver [C-LESC-T05-14] (pdf/82kb)
  5. Acceptance Letter (Individual) [C-LESC-T06-14] (pdf/64kb)
  6. Acceptance Letter (Group) [C-LESC-T07-14] (pdf/67kb)
  7. Final Checklist Requirements [C-LESC-T08-14] (pdf/97kb)
  8. Student Performance Evaluation [C-LESC-T09-14] (pdf/108kb)
  9. Internship Site Evaluation [C-LESC-T10-14] (pdf/88kb)