International Programs

International students applying as freshmen, transferees, or second degree applicants in any two-year or four-year degree program shall submit pertinent credentials to the Admission Section of the Student Records Management (SRMD) Office upon enrollment.

Admission Requirements

  1. One (1) original copy and certified copy of High School Documents/Diploma or Transcript of Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service establishment located at the student’s country of origin or legal residence.
  2. Original copy and photocopy of High School documents/Diploma or Transcript of Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service establishment located at the student’s country of origin or legal residence to be certified by the SRMD staff.
  3. One (1) photocopy of Passport
  4. Original Financial Statement
  5. Referral letter from previous school
  6. Police Clearance from the origin country
  7. Three (3) colored passport size pictures
  8. Completely filled-out Application Form
  9. Admission Test fee which is non-refundable even if the student fails the exam
  10. Acceptance Fee to be paid after the student passes the entrance exam
  11. Student Visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration
  12. TOEIC/TOEFL assessment result

Documentary Requirements

For records and maintenance purposes, the following documents must be submitted to the SRMD. Students must also provide ILESC a copy of Items No. 1, 3, 8. The student must regularly update his/her records in these offices.




Visa Type








Balikbayan Visa/Dual Citizen


Visa copy


Visa extension (if applicable)




Passport photo-data page


ACR I-Card







Annual Report Receipt






















Information Sheet

Note: For those on tourist or travel visa, the documents for student visa conversion will be submitted.


The University has a dedicated staff, a Liaison Officer, which assists in the processing of visa and permits of international students at the Bureau of Immigration. Assistance provided to international students include processing of Special Study Permit (SSP), visa conversion, and visa extension.

Exchange Student Program

An integral component of the University’s linkages with foreign universities is the exchange program. Student who qualify the exam and meet the host University’s requirements are sent abroad for a study exchange program. Through the program, LPU students are given opportunity to experience intercultural education.

Cultural Exchange Program

Through the Cultural Exchange Program (Work and Travel Program), LPU students are given opportunity to experience what it is like to live and work in other countries. The term “exchange” refers to the exchange of cultural understanding created when an individual goes to another country. It is open to third year students taking up hospitality, tourism, accountancy, information technology, computer studies, or foreign service programs.

The University also hosts students from other Universities through AFS and IAESTE program.