Letter to Parents and Guardians of International High School Students

June 1, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Greetings! With this letter comes our prayer that you are in perfect health and good spirits.

Amidst the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come close to the end of School Year 2019-2020. It was a rough journey for many of us, but with God’s grace and our cooperation, we managed to support the learning journey of our children/wards in these trying times. Echoing our Vice President for Administration’s letter to our stakeholders, we thank you for your patience, understanding and solidarity as members of one LPU Cavite family.

To help you continue moving forward with your child/ward’s education in LPU Cavite, we wish to inform you of the following important announcements or reminders:

  1. LPU Cavite International School (IS) follows a school calendar – duly submitted to DepEd – that started last August 2019 and will end on July 10, 2020. Prior to the suspension of classes due to the implementation of the community quarantine, classes are supposed to end on May 28, 2020, however, in order to give additional time for the completion of requirements, it was extended to until June 5, 2020. Nonetheless, the following remaining schedules will be observed by the school:
    1. As indicated in the LPU IS Academic Continuity Plan issued last April 30, 2020, the deadline of submission of requirements for the second semester of SY 2019-2020 is on Friday, June 5, 2020. Those who will submit requirements beyond the deadline will need to follow the pertinent guidelines to be communicated to the students by the respective class advisers.
    2. The report cards will be ready by June 22, 2020, Monday. These will be issued only to students without any unsettled obligations to the school. We will make an announcement soon regarding the delivery of this document to your address through courier service as well as the amount to be paid for this service.
    3. The list of candidates for completion and the list of awardees for Junior High School will be available on June 25, 2020, Thursday. For Senior High School, this will be on June 26, 2020, Friday. The lists will be posted near the main gate of the campus and may be accessed through an online platform to be announced soon.
  1. Due to the restrictions implemented by the national and local government, public gatherings including end-of-school-year rites such as recognition ceremonies, completion ceremonies and graduation rites are still prohibited until further notice.
    1. However, cognizant that such rites mark an important milestone in the lives not only of graduates, but also of their families, LPU Cavite intends to conduct an online Junior High School Completion Ceremony on July 8, 2020, Wednesday. Likewise, an online Fifth Commencement Exercises are set on July 14, 2020, Tuesday. The aforementioned schedules are the original schedules of the end-of-school-year rites for SY 2019-2020 prior to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Details will be announced soon.
    2. Recognition Day ceremonies for both Junior High School and Senior High School are cancelled for this school year. Medals and/or certificates will be made available to awardees once the quarantine restrictions are lifted. The LPU IS completion sash and the LPU IS graduation sash will be made available for purchase upon request.
  2. After the scheduled online completion/graduation ceremonies, Grade 10 and Grade 12 students who are candidates for completion/graduation may settle the payments of the corresponding fees:
    1. For Junior High School, a fee of P980.00 will cover expenses for the certificate of completion (with certificate holder) and the Form 137-A.
    2. For Senior High School, a fee of P1,800.00 will cover expenses for the diploma (with diploma holder), the Form 137-A, the alumni fee and the alumni ID.
    3. There will be an additional charge of P300.00 for delivery through courier service.

Payments may be made through the usual payment channels. The transmittal of the Form 137-A will be a school-to-school transaction.

  1. Our Student Records Management Department (SRMD) will soon announce the procedure for the requests of certain documents through the official Facebook page of the university.
  2. Students who have concerns involving the LPU Cavite Fun Run T-shirts and refunds may contact Ms. Glenda C. Crispo through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) until June 30, 2020.
  3. For concerns regarding tuition and miscellaneous fees for SY 2019-2020, we enjoin you to check the Memorandum on Rebates Guidelines for 2nd Semester, AY 2019-2020 posted in the LPU Cavite website (www.cavite.lpu.edu.ph). For relevant inquiries and clarifications, you may email our finance department through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. We are assured by the government that the amount for the Junior High School Education Service Contracting (ESC) and the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) for School Year 2019-2020 will be released accordingly. We apologize if we cannot make a general announcement about the status of all ESC grantees and SHS Voucher Program beneficiaries since the processing was done in batches and the inclusion of the students in each batch depends on the date of submission of requirements and the resolution of various issues (e.g. learner reference number, other LIS data, etc.).
    1. For those who made a full payment of the year’s tuition and other fees, a refund will be underway as soon as the corresponding amount is deposited to the school account. If you are to enroll in LPU Cavite this coming SY 2020-2021, you may also offset the refund to your tuition and other fees.
    2. For those who opted to pay via installment, the approved amount of the SHS voucher will be deducted to your payables as applicable.
    3. For inquiries regarding your child’s status as an ESC grantee or SHS VP beneficiary, you may contact (046) 481-1414 during office hours from Mondays to Wednesdays and discuss your inquiry with Mr. Dennis Anacan or Ms. Princess Kay Abe-Rivas.
  5. For LPU Cavite’s plans for SY 2020-2021, we encourage you to read our VPA’s Letter to LPU Cavite stakeholders dated May 28, 2020 posted in the LPU Cavite website. LPU Cavite IS’ Learning Continuity Plan for the SY 2020-2021 will be communicated in the coming days.

Should you have other concerns than those addressed by these announcements or reminders, you may call our office (landline: (046) 481-1400 loc. 414). Please be informed that until July 15, 2020, LPU Cavite offices are open only from Mondays to Wednesdays, from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

We remain grateful for your support and cooperation. Let us continue to strive for the best for your child/ward’s education, and remain united in prayer that the challenges that we are currently facing will soon be overcome.


Yours in veritas et fortitudo,


Mhar Angelo A. Bayot





Dr. Ramon C. Maniago

Executive Dean



Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil

Vice President for Administration / Registrar

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