LPU International School takes part in AFS Philippines Intercultural Learning Workshop

Nowadays our world gets smaller and smaller as we encounter different kinds of people with diverse culture therefore it is important to know Intercultural Learning. This became an inspiration to AFS Philippines to conduct a workshop entitled “ICL (Intercultural Learning) for All” last October 25 which attended by students from different schools in Luzon including LPU-Cavite. This was held at the National office of AFS Philippines Pasig City and represented by two student leaders namely Khrystelle Kyle N. Capilitan and Elisha Jane De Liva. This workshop is not only geared to enlighten the students to become fully aware of cultural difference but also help them to connect and build good relationship with people who have different values, demographics and beliefs. 

The students were given activities which expound their knowledge regarding concepts of culture, culture person situation model, iceberg model, the differences of generalization and stereotypes, opposing communication styles, and higher and lower context communication. Further, the speaker also discussed the D.I.V.E model which stands for Describe, Interpret, and Evaluate under the suspension of judgment.  

At the end of the discussion, students were asked to share their take away from the workshop. Most of the answers were about how ICL eradicates the hindrance built by walls of differences and making individualities as a tool to build lasting relationships.