The local and international linkages of the University is developed and sustained through the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations (CCSIR) and International Affairs (IAO), respectively.


In today’s global industries, an academic institution’s image is greatly enhanced by the quality and depth of its international linkages. While it is primarily the institution’s credibility that makes it attractive to prospective partner institutions, these networks must be established and nurtured through deliberate and sustained programs for these partnerships to bear fruits.

Hence, the University, envisioning itself as a leading university in the Asia Pacific region, recognizes the pivotal role that local and international linkages play in instructional and institutional development and has proactively responded to these needs by establishing the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations and the International Affairs Office. 

The IAO is responsible for managing institutional partnerships and collaborations. The IAO works with other departments within the university to ensure that harmonious and collaborative relations with partners abroad are maintained through constant exchange of information on academic developments and research activities; exchange of graduate and undergraduate students for visit, study, and research; exchange of faculty members and administrative officials for visit, lectures, and research; and joint organization of conferences, seminars, and workshop on topics of common interest. The IAO shall also build an international profile of the university through visits, events, conferences, and through the presence of a dynamic website.


Our mission is to establish quality and mutually beneficial linkages with foreign universities, institutions, and organizations.