CITHM and Culinary Institute Support for Manggahan Elementary School’s Feeding Program

It is so overwhelming to know that you have helped your community even with seemingly small actions. It is good to know that there is an institution like LPU Cavite that cares for the community, such as during the University’s support for the feeding program of Manggahan Elementary School (MES).



During available days, LPU Cavite students, particularly those taking-up Culinary Arts, went to MES to help the school prepare food for the beneficiary pupils of the feeding program. This included cooking, food serving, washing of dishes, etc. The MES canteen staff and volunteer parents, who were all very helpful and accommodating, guided the students during the performance of different tasks.




On one particular date, February 16, 2015, my classmates and I went to MES to provide manpower assistance. Inside the canteen, the volunteer mothers and staff greeted us pleasantly. I immediately knew then that they were kind. We then started preparing the dish for the day, with the students, parents, and staff sharing stories and jokes that made the tasks very enjoyable.

At around 9:00am, we started setting up the table and filled bowls with soup. When the pupils arrived, they were so happy and excited. They were all so cute. Some of them even asked for second servings. As their elder brothers and sisters, we encouraged them to eat nutritious food so as to keep their bodies healthy. 

The experience of working with the volunteer parents and staff and serving food for the cute pupils was so amazing. Even though it was a bit exhausting, it was worth it. When we saw the smiles on the children’s faces we knew that we did a very good job. With this, I encourage everyone to help the community in any way possible. I thank both LPU Cavite and Manggahan Elementary School for the memorable experience.

*Some basic facts re the feeding program:

1. The feeding program at Manggahan Elementary School was funded by DepEd.

2. The program ran from October 2014 to February 2015.

3. LPU Cavite provided additional manpower during the feeding program in terms of cooking, serving of food for the pupils, and dishwashing.