Business Administration


When LPU Cavite started its operations in June 2008, it initially offered two business programs – the BS Accountancy and the BSBA major in Operations Management placed under the umbrella of the General Education Department. In 2009, two more programs, the BSBA major in Management Accounting and major in Human Resource Development Management were offered. A year after, in 2010, BSBA major in Marketing Management was offered. It is also in this academic year, when the Department of Business Administration was established to separate business programs from the General Education Department.

During the academic year 2011- 2012, the College of Business Administration was created. In the academic year 2013 – 2014 and 2014 – 2015, the Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration and the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management were offered respectively increasing the number of academic programs under the CBA into four.

By the academic year 2018 – 2019, a new program in BS Entrepreneurship with specialization in Aesthetics Industry Management will be offered.


To be recognized as the center of excellence in Accountancy, Business Administration, Custom Administration, Real Estate Management and Entrepreneurship that develop responsible business leaders and nurtures entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and competencies.


Commitment towards the formation of competent, socially oriented, spiritually integrated and globally competitive business professionals.


Today's business leaders seek employees who have both the knowledge and experience necessary to make immediate and significant contribution to the workplace. The academic programs of the College of Business Administration are designed to meet this demand by

  1. Inculcating in the students the social, moral, spiritual and ethical values.
  2. Providing the necessary knowledge and skills to meet entrepreneurial requirements
  3. Developing the students to become globally competitive who possess the necessary skills in communication and leadership, and information technology, and
  4. Training the students to become creative and analytical thinkers.

Retention Policy for BS Accountancy and BS Customs Administration

The continuous upgrading of the BS Accountancy and BS Custom Administration programs is a concern the management of the university placed among its priorities. Along this line, a retention policy is being implemented to ensure that only those who meet the standards through satisfactory academic performance will be retained in the program.

The Retention Policy requires the BSA and the BSCA students  to meet grade requirements in selected basic and business core subjects, and in all professional subjects. In addition, the students must take and pass the selective retention examinations to be able to continue in the BSA or in the BSCA programs.

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