CITHM Attends PARTH 1st Pocket Research Webinar Series

The Philippine Association of Researchers for Tourism and Hospitality Inc. (PARTH) in partnership with Lyceum of the Philippines University- Manila launched the 1st Pocket Research Webinar Series with the theme, “The Best of Research During Unfortunate Events: A Webinar for Tourism and Hospitality Researchers”. The webinar, led by Dr. Rupam Kunar of Taylor’s University Malaysia, was attended by the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management faculty members.


Dr. Kunar clearly discussed the significance of research in hospitality and tourism with the advent of new normal (or the new future) because it does the following:

1. Shapes the future of world knowledge;

2. Personal and career development;

3. Revaluates existing knowledge;

4. Applies of new methodologies;

5. Assesses tool for academics;

6. Brings innovative implications.

Detailing more on the new normal, Dr. Kunar explained that we should be able to practice the 5 Rs:

· Resolve – address immediate challenges that COVID-19 represents

· Resilience – address the near-term cash management challenges

· Return – create a recovery plan to return to business using alternative experience plans

· Reimagination – reimagine the next future: reinvent, recreate, and rethink

· Reform – reconnect with customers and reform competitive advantages

With that being said, Dr. Kunar also stressed that the academe and industry must be able to bridge the gap through collaboration, research funding, awareness of trends, inspirations, sharing of outcomes, and novel topics that drive innovations. This opens new research horizons in the post-pandemic era in the areas of sustainability & resilience, smart & innovative tourism development, and post-pandemic crisis management to name a few. Lastly, he emphasized that it is important to note that research collaborations are necessary and must be dealt without procrastination, especially in times of a pandemic.

International Tourism and Hospitality Management

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