Generika holds a career talk and orientation in LPU-Cavite

Ms. Niane Kay Nava, the Training Supervisor and Internship Coordinator of Generika Drugstore, conducted a career talk and orientation at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite (LPU-C) in order to provide BS Pharmacy students enough knowledge regarding the community pharmacy internship program they offer as well as to share the formula of success that Generika Drugstore has achieved in the Pharmaceutical field.

The seminar was dubbed as “GeneriCAMS: establishing partnership for better pharmacy education” emphasizing the linkage of Generika Drugstore, the pioneer in the retail distribution of quality generic medicines in the country, with the College of Allied Medical Sciences (CAMS) Department of Pharmacy who envisions itself as the leader in providing exceptional and top-notch pharmacists with fortitude and dedication to enhance the quality of life of the Filipinos.  

The event was initiated by the Pharmacy Program Coordinator, Ms. Maria Teresa Basilides under the leadership of the College’s Associate Dean, Dr. Romina Barcarse. But the project would not be possible without the help and support of the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations (CCSIR) headed by Ms. Miriam M. Abayan. The primary objective of the half-day seminar was to promote industry-university collaboration with Generika conducive for advancing the knowledge in the pharmacy education and pharmacy practice as a profession. The program was held on September 21, 2015 at the Audio Visual Theatre which was attended by all Pharmacy students from LPU-C.

Hosted by Mearl Arren Padua and Jennifer Mendoza, students from BSPH 201, the program began at one o’clock in the afternoon with an Invocation lead by Debbie Casil, a BSPH 101 student, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem lead by Gerlie Floresca, a 2nd year Pharmacy student. Opening remarks was delivered by Dr. Romina R. Barcarse, the Associate Dean of CAMS, which really inspired everyone to listen, participate and enjoy the entire talk. After that, CAMS Coordinator, Ms. Maria Teresa Basilides introduced the guest speaker stating the long list of achievements she has received. 

The most awaited part of the program came when the guest speaker, Ms. Nava, owned the stage. She had her talk and orientation along with a power point presentation that she prepared. She discussed the background of Generika and how it started to bloom in the world of pharmacy business. The highlight of her talk was the discussion of their internship program. She enumerated the step-by-step procedure on how to apply as an intern and enumerated the requirements upon the application. She also described the learning experience one may go through if he becomes an intern in Generika. Her lecture was followed by the Question and Answer portion. One of the questions that Ms. Nava acknowledged as a good question was asked by Jake Kirby L. Dimapilis, a student from BSPH 101. He asked the reasons why the generic medicines are more affordable than the branded ones when their efficacy are said to be the same. Ms. Nava politely answered that generic medicines do not have advertisements and commercials unlike the branded medicines resulting to a less expensive price in the market. Her career talk ended after giving satisfying answers to all of the questions asked by the students.

Aside from conducting a talk, the World Pharmacists Day 2015 was also celebrated with the theme “Pharmacists: Your partners in health.” An intermission number was prepared and performed by selected pharmacy students. They sang a mash-up of modern songs’ tune with their own composition of lyrics.

As part of the celebration, a number of licensed pharmacists were recognized in the program based on their contribution in the development of the pharmacy profession. Ms. Raquel Burgos, the chief pharmacist at General Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital and Korean Philippines Friendship Hospital, also graced the event.

Afterwards, Ms. Nava was invited again on stage to receive the certificate of recognition given to her by LPU-C. To conclude the program, Ms. Miriam Abayan, head of CCSIR, left a short but meaningful message to everyone.  

They day was ended through the singing of the LPU Hymn.

A group picture for another hooray!