LPU-C Games 2024: Advancing Sustainable Health and Well-Being for All

The LPU-C Games 2024 at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite, held from May 13 to 17, epitomized the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all ages. This event, filled with joy and excitement, involved eight teams: CAMS Venomous Vipers, CBA Tigers, CFAD Black Panthers, CITHM Captains, CLAE Slayers, COECSA Raging Dragons, CON Soaring Nightingales, and IS Iron Spartans. Various sports and activities, including basketball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, table tennis, e-sports, chess, the Mr. and Ms. LPU-C Games, and cheer dance, encouraged physical activity essential for preventing diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, these activities promoted mental health and social well-being through opportunities for social interaction, teamwork, and community building, aligning with SDG 3’s focus on mental health.

The event also introduced new sports like roundnet and baseball 5. Under the theme “Strengthening Values and the Culture of Innovation and Excellence through Sports,” the games were launched on May 13 with Ms. Mary Rose Mojica, the Head of the Center for Sports Development (CSD), emphasizing health education and awareness. Her leadership, along with the dedication of the Physical Education Department, aimed to instill lifelong habits of physical activity and well-being in participants, supporting SDG 3’s target of ensuring health education.

The Opening Ceremony commenced with a vibrant parade followed by the national anthem and a speech by Ms. Ellen May P. Quintero, the CHED IV-A Regional Sports Coordinator. Athletes from each college participated in the torch lighting and oath of sportsmanship. Followed by the declaration of the official opening of LPU-C Games 2024 by the Vice-President for Administration, Dr. Maria Teresa o. Pilapil. Her message filled with warmth and encouragement empowered and fueled the determination of every participants to give their best.

The Deans, accompanied by their muses and escorts, presented the team moniker banners, signaling the start of the competitions. Following the Mr. and Ms. LPU-C Games contest, the CBA Tigers’ Anmol Deep Singh and CFAD Black Panthers’ Erika Baluyot were crowned.

Special dance performances by selected PATHFit4 students, along with the Drum Battalion’s energetic beats, added to the festive atmosphere of the event. The excitement continued until the last day with the highly anticipated Cheer Dance competition, won by the CBA Tigers.

The overall champion of LPU-C Games 2024 was the CITHM Captains, with 36 golds, 19 silvers, and 6 bronzes. COECSA Raging Dragons, CBA Tigers, and IS Iron Spartans secured the subsequent positions. The introduction of the medal tally ranking system, approved by all teams, determined the overall champion based on gold, silver, and bronze medal counts.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the true champions behind the scenes of the LPU-C Games—the dedicated faculty and staff of the Physical Education Department. Their tireless dedication and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in making this event a resounding success, shaping it into the vibrant celebration of sports, wellness, and community that it is today.

From meticulous planning to hands-on coordination, the PE faculty have been the driving force behind every aspect of the LPU-C Games. Their passion for sports and wellness permeates every detail of the event, inspiring students and staff alike to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. These educators are mentors, motivators, and role models, guiding students not only in sportsmanship but also in character development and personal growth. Through their guidance and support, they instill values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience, shaping the next generation of leaders both on and off the field.

Beyond the thrill of victory and the excitement of competition, the LPU-C Games offered something deeper—a chance for individuals to connect, to challenge themselves, and to grow. Through sports and wellness initiatives, participants discovered the power of resilience, the joy of teamwork, and the importance of caring for both body and mind.

The LPU-C Games 2024 not only provided a platform for sports competition but also underscored the broader benefits of physical activity and wellness within the LPU Cavite community. As part of the Center for Sports Development’s initiative, the event aimed to promote holistic well-being among students and staff through various sports and fitness programs. The emphasis on wellness was evident not only in the competitions but also in ancillary activities like fitness programs and special dance performances. These additional components provided opportunities for physical exercise, stress relief, and social interaction, further enhancing the overall well-being of attendees.

Furthermore, the introduction of the medal tally ranking system for determining the overall champion emphasized the importance of consistent performance across various disciplines. This approach not only celebrated athletic achievement but also encouraged a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in sportsmanship. By promoting sports and wellness through events like the LPU-C Games, the Center for Sports Development aims to create a healthier, more resilient, and physically active community within LPU Cavite. Overall, the LPU-C Games 2024 served as a platform not just for sports competition, but for promoting a culture of health, wellness, and well-being within the LPU Cavite community, thereby supporting the aims and targets of SDG 3.