Special Groups

Groups that are focused on special area of interests such as scholastic, and others.


Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Scholastic Society

LPU Scholastic Society is a university wide organization and it is also known as the Lambda Sigma Kappa. Its principle and objective includes, to serve as an instrument in widening their span of knowledge by conducting activities that could pique their curious mind and to encourage and inspire scholars and non-scholars alike in the pursuit of knowledge through the spirit of collectivity and unity. All students who passed the requirements set by the Scholarship Committee of LPU are automatically members of the organization.

List of Officers:

President: Melvin R. De Guzman
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Bon Aeriel D. Loyola
Vice President – External Affairs: Rowell B. Arevalo
Secretary: Kate Trisha T. Alana
Treasurer: Rex Angeles V. Manalo
Auditor: Grace Ann G. Sagut
Business Manager: Johvel M. Babasa
Public Relations Officer: Leigh Ashley B. Climacosa
Committee Head: Jaime Louise O. Salgado

Official FB Page: