Groups that allow students to showcase and enhance their interests in dancing, singing, acting, instruments and other artistic goals.


LPU Cavite Dance Company

The LPU Cavite Dance Company (LCDC) is the official dance organization of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite – Campus under the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department, catering various dances such as Contemporary Ballet, HipHop, and Folk Dances. The organization wanted to foster national identity, cultural and modern awareness of today’s generation for the purpose of sharing to everyone our rich tradition and well-made skills through dance.

List of Officers:

President: Richelyn Perez
Vice President: Alyssa Vanne Janelle Ponciano
Secretary: Lyka Maeve Baligat
Treasurer: Diana Allyson Wahit
Auditor: Lilian Topacio
Public Relations Officer: David Sy
Property Custodian: Abbygail Duran / Angelie Salcedo
Music Master: Jezreel Bernabe


Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Symphonic Band

History of The Lyceum of the Philippines University Symphonic Band of Cavite The Lyceum of the Philippines University Symphonic Band of Cavite was established as part of the many performing group of LPU-Cavite. It is under supervision of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department of LPU-Cavite with the full support of the University Vice President for Administration, Miss Maria Teresa O. Pilapil and University President, Atty. Roberto P. Laurel. The LPUSB aims to showcase the musical talents of the students of the University as well as providing scholarships to deserving students.

Tanghalang Lykeion

Tanghalang Lykeion, headed by Mr Javier Laurel, is the official and in-house theater arts company of the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite. Along with its sister organizations under the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department headed by Mr Francis Jaena, Jr., Tanghalang Lykeion is committed to being the catalyst of socio-cultural awareness, socio-cultural change, aesthetic excellence, and to serve as a diverse platform of representation of every race, religion, and gender identity and sexual orientation in storytelling. Since its foundation in the February of 2019, the company has staged numerous plays from Palanca Award-winning writers and from up-and-coming resident writers of the company. As the global pandemic struck, most of the productions and shows of the company has transferred temporarily in the virtual stage. To know more about the company and for inquiries about their shows and auditions, you may visit their social media pages.

Official FB Page:

LPU Harmonic Chorale

The LPU Harmonic Chorale –  the official singing ambassadors of LPU Cavite, is a group with one thing in common: the love for music.

Not only do they share their talents in numerous occasions inside the school, but they also participate in competitions and performances outside the university. This group sings not only with their gifted voices, but also with their passionate hearts.

Founded in 2008, this group has been continuously growing as a family bonded by music.

List of Officers:

President: Dan Mark Gaspe
Vice President: Ayessa Bianca Gomez
Secretary: Alyssa Kyle Cañete
Treasurer: Yohanne Paula Navarro
Property Chief: John Michael Tacda
Property Officer I: Rafael Pahignalo
Property Officer II: Kim Audrey Aviñante

Official FB Page:
LPU Harmonic Chorale – LPU Cavite