Groups that are supportive of their respective programs or academic department.

College of Arts and Sciences

United Communicators

United Communicators is the only recognized organization of Communication students in Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite dedicated in contributing to the holistic development of AB Communication student. The organization shall be called UniComm that stands for United Communicators – aim to unite AB Communication students.

List of Officers:

Adviser: Mr. Reginald H. Gonzales

President: Prince Cyrel D. Castillo
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Ma. Nicolette A. Sanchez
Vice President – External Affairs: Jenny Mae S. Avecilla
Secretary: Ma. Kathleen Gail B. Cacho
Treasurer: Ayra Jade L. Paraiso
Auditor: Rebekah Ruth S. Polintan
Business Manager: Jayson R. Roa
Public Relations Officer: LHara Mikhaella M. Bonilla

Official FB Page:

League of United Psychology Students (LUPS)

The League of United Psychology Students is a student organization from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) providing support for the development of the academic program and well-being of the Psychology students through various activities and projects.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President:  Generie May Calixtro
Vice President – Internal Affairs:  Katrina Marie Ruiz
Vice President – External Affairs:  Angelika Sabillo
Secretary:  Lycel DIvina
Treasurer:  Chesca Palomo
Auditor:  Allyne Olarte
Project Manager:  Vannessa Mae Malinao
Public Relations Officer:  Geril Mae Andres

Official FB Page:

Foreign Service Club

The  Foreign Service Club (FSC) is a college-based organization established with the utmost responsibility of honing future ambassadors and diplomats who will uphold the interests of the Filipino people in the field of international relations adhering to Lycean virtues and values.

Foreign Service! Service to others, not power nor prestige.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Zyrell V. Basilio
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Patricia Mae Nicanor
Vice President – External Affairs: Miguel Dawson M. Del Mundo
Secretary: Danica C. Batimana
Treasurer: Earl Jane G. Belario
Auditor: Rinette R. Ramos
Committee Head: Ryan Andrei E. Dela Cruz

Official FB Page:

College of Business Administration

Union of Young Marketers of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite (UYM)

Union of Young Marketers or UYM is a college based student organization from College of Business Administration that aims to unite all the Marketing Management students to achieve common interest for greater understanding towards social, economic, civic, intellectual, recreational and moral programs and activities related to business, as Marketers need to be mold as well prepared and future professional individuals on the reality of business industry.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

UYM Adviser: Ms. Shirley Anne V. Gaspar

President: Harry Jr. D. Bucacao
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Ryan James C. Teman
Vice President – External Affairs: Giselle L. Frago
Secretary: Julia Nicole Bobis
Assistant Secretary: Angelica M. Singh
Treasurer: Elainne B. Lim
Assistant Treasurer: Receli Sophia D. Ruedas
Auditor: Kerstine Daelle A. Reales
Assistant Auditor: Shania Egreth L. Misamin
Public Relations Officers: Neil Sherwin G. Posadas / Renz Harold O. Aguirre
Project Manager: Patricia Mae B. Andaya
Assistant Project Manager: Matthew A. Repique

Official FB Page:
LPU-Cavite Union of Young Marketers

Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Association of Customs Administration Students (LACAS)

A student organization established exclusively for Customs Administration students of all levels enrolled within Lyceum of the Philippines University- Cavite Campus. It promotes camaraderie among students in the campus and offers course-friendly activities to introduce relevant knowledge to the field of study.

List of Officers:

President: Christine Kaye A. Agaton
Vice President for Academics: Renz Bernard F. Sabino
Vice President for Documentation: Arlyn Joy V. Asuncion
Vice President for Finance: Lalaine R. Rosario
Vice President for Audit: Mayjelle B. Arnaldo
Vice President for Outreach: Irish Yvonne M. Callejo
Vice President for Operations: George Albert P. Gonzales
Vice President for Promotion: Ma. Angelica B. Ocampo

Official FB Page:
LPU-Cavite Association of Customs Administration Students – LACAS

Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA)

The Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA) is a College-based organization that caters to the needs of Management Accounting students in the University. Its primary function is to promote the welfare and interest of Management Accounting students.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Jeanalyn V. Templa
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Eugelyn F. Nuez
Assistant Vice President – Internal Affairs: Hannylyn Kate M. Caadan
Vice President – External Affairs: Ayesah Marie M. Del Rosario
Assistant Vice President – External Affairs: Ma. Michaela U. Abalos
Secretary: Jiliane Mae Penaojas
Finance Officer: Shaina Louise Arica
Auditor: Gabrielle Anne Villaresis
Public Relations Officer: Geraldyn P. Palomar
Business Manager: Linanne Ruth Pineda

Official FB Page:
Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants – LPU-Cavite

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – LPU Cavite Chapter

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) is a college-based student organization in the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) – Cavite. The organization aims to assist the students to enrolled under Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) to further strengthen their in-depth knowledge in accounting and expose the students with the actual practice of accounting in business industry.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Corinthian Angel E. Namuag
Vice President for Academics: Sheriz M. Servida
Vice President for Non-Academics: Christel Anne F. Soriano
Vice President for Membership: Jan Marius P. Sierra
Vice President for Finance: Charlene C. Dy
Vice President for Audit: Kate Trisha T. Alana
Vice President for Communications: Kiernel R. Madrazo
Secretary General: Melvin R. De Guzman
Assistant Vice President for Academics: Rowell B. Arevalo
Assistant Vice President for Non-Academics: Grace Ann G. Sagut
Assistant Vice President for Membership: Kristel Joyce S. Laureño
Assistant Vice President for Finance: Thomas Carlos S. Mariano
Assistant Vice President for Communications: Mary Jane G. Gañac
Assistant Secretary General: John Kerby M. Grepo

Official FB Page:
JPIA LPU-Cavite Chapter

College of Fine Arts and Design

Lyceum Group of Multimedia Arts and Creatives

LYGMMAC is a student organization of the Institution who will lead in promoting the digital and visual arts in the university and the institution itself by fostering critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement.

List of Officers:

President: Christian Matthew Sison
Vice President: Kyla Espinosa
Secretary: Josh Ladob
Finance Director: Gayle Maritana
Activity Coordinator: Khenz Aleligay
Publications Manager: Allen Veras
Art Director: Janine Quintar
Documentation Head – Video: Wendel Galvez
Documentation Head – Photo: Christian Tambua

Official FB Page:
LYGMMAC – Lyceum Group of Multimedia Arts and Creatives

College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

LPU International Travel and Tourism Society

LPU International Travel and Tourism Society’s primary role is to cater the needs of the student body, specifically the tourism students from CITHM Department inside or outside the campus.

At the same time, develop programs and activities that actively engages and encourages students to excel beyond their limits.

Through servant leadership, LPU International Travel and Tourism Society envisions a sustainable student development that embodies the LPU core values, professionalism, and excellence.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Chezelle Joyce Anne V. Mansores
Vice President: Monica S. Alvarez
Secretary: Gayle Ann M. Libanan
Treasurer: Rachelle Joy R. Lanuza
Auditor: Cian Davin P. Rodenas
Public Relations Officer: Pennielope Anne D. Estrada
Business Manager: Cyrrus Mitch D. Carranza
Head Committee: Ma. Mikaela G. Sandiego

Official FB Page:
LPU International Travel and Tourism Society – Cavite Campus

Hoteliers Entrepreneurs Restaurateurs Organization of Exemplified Students (HEROES)

An organization that promotes student’s welfare, betterment, and belongingness. Exclusive for CLHS and HRA students but gives care to the whole CITHM and the university.

List of Officers:

President: Daves G. Caro
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Rikki Mei Sanchez
Vice President – External Affairs: Irish Joy N. Sanchez
Secretary: Joseph Danti
Treasurer: Geraldine Basas
Business Manager: Christian Timothy Alfaro
Auditor: Jennilyn Somblingo
Public Relations Officer: Rial Vincent Pascua
Director for Documentation: Jolina Mae B. Cabcaban
Director for Events: Alexis Mikaela D. Simbulan
Director for Membership: John Roen Asistores
Director for Sponsorship: Adam De Vera Salariosa
HRA Representative: Jonathan C. Compañero
CLHS Representative: Ylona Fabilane

Official FB Page:

Awakened Circle of Elite Students

The ACES is an elite student organization at Lyceum of the Philippines University and is affiliated with the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management. The organization was established to; serve as the instrument for the gradual exposure of the student to actual practice of the Hotel and Restaurant Management, Culinary, and Tourism in the Business life, to provide superior Hospitality and Tourism related services, university wide, and to have a pool of students who will import new concept to help perpetuate a level of excellence.

List of Officers:

President: Alyssa Jammin A. Sarbaza
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Glaiza Mae B. Muyot
Vice President – External Affairs: Vincent B. Toraja
Events Manager: Ellen Marie R. De Leon
Secretary: Samantha Ashley O. Laguilles
Secretary for Membership: Ella Marie S. Apuyan
Treasurer: Therese Angelica S. Ladiana
Auditor: Lyssa Mae G. Ganancial
Tourism Cluster: Alvin Joshua S. Lindo
Hospitality Cluster: Kyle Leander V. Pereña
Media Affairs: Alexandria G. Reyes

Jinbok L. Kim
John Bart M. Balagtas
Karl Vincent Q. Masenas

Official FB Page:

La Culinaria Pirata

La Culinaria Pirata is an organization dedicated to help culinary students hone their craft outside the classroom. La Culinaria Pirata is committed to promote the development of excellence, opportunity and leadership while enhancing their skills and understanding through joining and participating in various Culinary and Hospitality-related activities.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Joanna Marie Colasito
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Deo Jireh Acuzar
Vice President – External Affairs: Dominic Joshua Hembrador
Secretary: Kristal Dei Paggao
Financial Manager: Yrra Nicole Ammen
Operations Manager: Sebastian Leiander Tiñoso
Competition Chairperson: Melissa Aira Alcantara
Marketing Head: Gillian Mari Gracilla
Documentation Head: Enyliam Tagle
Logistics Head: John Lorgen Jacosol
Arts and Design Head: Diana Nicole Prado
OutreachHead: Wilmar Macinas

Official FB Page:
CITHM La Culinaria Pirata


College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Student Chapter

PICE LPU-C SC is an organization for civil engineering students of LPU-C that governs all concerns and activities with regards to Civil Engineering. It ensures that all the organization’s constituents will not be outdated regarding the current trends on the field; with compliance to the university’s policies and PICE National’s Standards.

List of Officers:

Adviser: Engr. Siva Das Abaya

President: Renee Rose B. Rovelo
Vice President for Technical Affairs: John Michael David
Vice President for Operations: Sheryl A. Tuazon
Executive Director on Academic Affairs: Cenen M. Nepomuceno Jr.
Director of Finance: Ruzelle May R. Flores
Director of Audit: Aljon Ed T. Castillo
Director of Documentation: Treisia Juliant G. Castillo
Director of External Communications: Jason T. Morata
Director of Internal Communications: Micah Eunice B. Donato
Administrator: John Paulo A. Quion
Fifth Year Representative: Jannelle R. Orque
Fourth Year Representative: John Albert D. Chiang
Third Year Representative: Erico Jiovan M. Naguit
Second Year Representative: Reign Frixzie Go

Official FB Page:

Junior Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Student Chapter (JIECEP LPU-CSC)

JIECEP-LPU-CSC is an organization that represents the Electronics Engineering students of LPU Cavite. It is dedicated to the task of applying to human needs, the principles of electronics, communications and/or allied fields of engineering, bound by human desire to promote the advancement of our people and humanity, implying the core values of LPU-C and knowing that only through concerted efforts can we most effectively be of service to our country, do bind the members together into a body.

List of Officers:

President: Rona Jane P. Topacio
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Hessed Thei D. Lagrimas
Vice President – External Affairs: Angela Judith M. Barrantes
General Secretary: Anne Sherina L. Lumbreras
Director of Finance: Michaella Vin R. Kiamzon
Director of Audit: Jan Roel M. Mendoza
Director of Communications: Karl Adrian S. Bonifacio
Director of Documentation: Belinda S. Villanueva
Assistant Director of Documentation: Joanne Zarina E. Penus
Fifth Year Representative: Jelo A. Advincula
Fourth Year Representative: Michael Veir M. Magno
Third Year Representative: Jheymie A. Iresare
Second Year Representative: Kasey Cole D. Borja

Official FB Page:
Jr. IECEP LPU – Cavite Student Chapter

United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary – Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Chapter (UAPSA-LPUC)

Established in 1989 to cater for BS Architecture students, UAPSA is the foremost and duly recognized student organization of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). The organization’s objectives include providing a reliable community, giving students a chance to expand their reach and network with fellow architecture students, and building a platform to widen knowledge and experience.

List of Officers:

Chapter President: Czamielle S. Mugol
Vice President for Programs And Development: Piolo Maurice V. Laudencia
Vice President for Operations: Kim Russel M. Manjares
Chapter Secretary: Kathleen D. Balbuena
Chapter Treasurer: Shiela Louisianne Mari H. Abaño
Chapter Auditor: Shannen Rose M. Magbanua
Commissioner on Congress And Assemblies: Andrea Joana Paula D. Manuel
Commissioner on External Affairs: Mary Ed Angeline B. Guillermo
Commissioner on Internal Affairs: Erel Glenn M. Estopito
Commissioner on Membership: Jan Elbert E. Narvaez
Public Relations Officer: Hillary Loren J. Paungan
Class President Director: John Michael P. Malsada

Official FB Page:

Student Association for Technological Advancement

Student Association for technological advancement is a Department of Computer Studies’ student organization that aid students in promoting quality education in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. In addition, SATA also promote fellowship and brotherhood among the Information Technology and Computer Science students not only in Lyceum of the Philippines University but also among the other schools.

List of Officers:

President: Geraldine R. Iso
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Jude Alexander B. Blas
Vice President – External Affairs: John Russel M. Santos
Secretary: Mikaela Ashley Perlado
Treasurer: Jade Anne Kristel Vale
Auditor: Jane M. Martin
Fourth Year Representative: Arthur A. Rapi
Third Year Representative: Luis Dominic O. Orig
Second Year Representative: Kathlene Joyce Pedero

Official FB Page:

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite – Student Chapter (PSME – LPU – SC)

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite – Student Chapter (PSME – LPU – SC) is a duly recognized organization of the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite based on the College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture, continuously pursuing excellence in the field of engineering and technology. Since its foundation, the organization has grown strong with foundations based on LPU Core Values: Love of God, Professional Integrity, Unity, Nationalism, Justice, Perseverance and Leadership.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Millard Schuyler Quezon
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Hazel Mitzi G. Ubaña
Vice President – External Affairs: Clinton Gacutan
Director of Documentation: Danilo L. Diaz Jr.
Director of Finance: Barry Bryan Joel Arellano
Director of Communication: Jane Wymhan Moneda
Fifth Year Representative: Julius Ariel Batalla
Fourth Year Representative: David John Agapito
Third Year Representative: Reneil Llegue
Second Year Representative: Mark Kenneth Herminado
Administrator: Ian Lorenz Marcelo

Official FB Page:

Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE) – Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Student Chapter

PIIE-LPUC-SC is an organization continuously pursuing for excellence, intensified by different academic competitions in the related field of discipline, enhancing leadership and to be well rounded individuals outside and inside the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

List of Officers:
(A.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Gly Nemsy M. Magbutay
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Vann Heinrick D. Amparo
Vice President – External Affairs: Mary Anne D. Diaño
Director of Documentation: Huey V. Salazar
Director of Finance: Jana Marielle P. Bulaun
Director of Communication: Allan M. Villarosa II
Director of Technical: Ronn Gernie B. Prijoles
Fifth Year Representative: Aezhl Nicole M. Benitez
Fourth Year Representative: John Aaron G. Angcanan
Third Year Representative: Sebastian Miguel L. Bayaca
Second Year Representative: Maria Adrienne B.Regis
Administrator: Arselli C. Labarda

Official FB Page:

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers – Council of Student Chapter – Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite

Brief description of the organization: The  Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers – Council of Student Chapter – Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite is an academic and non-profit organization for BS Electrical Engineering students of   Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite. The organization exposes the students to the different areas of Electrical Engineering through different platforms and amplifies their intelligence and understanding as future Electrical Practitioners. It showcases not only the intelligence but also the versatility of the students.

List of Officers:

Head Director: Kelley Klein S. Villanueva
Assistant Director for External Affairs: Ysrhael A. Lumagui
Assistant Director for Internal Affairs: Arvin T. Elemia
Assistant Director for Technical Affairs: Kyle Aldrich J. Rabaca
Administrative Assistant: Anjeline E. Ferrer
Head Financial Director: Rex Angeles V. Manalo
Financial Auditor: Razyl Rio V. Molinyawe
Director in Public Relations: John Reinnald M. Noriel
Fifth Year Representative: Myron L. Batulan
Fourth Year Representative: Jean Russell O. Careso
Third Year Representative: Mark Angel V. Reyes
Second Year Representative: David Vince P. San Juan

Official FB Page:

Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines. Student Edition – LPU Cavite Computer Engineering Society (ICpEP.SE-LPUCPES)

The Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines. Student Edition- LPU-Cavite Computer Engineering Society (ICpEP.SE-LPUCPES) is a Computer Engineering focused organization that supports CpE students in attaining their dreams in the field of Computer Engineering. Part of our mission as an organization is to broaden the knowledge of CpE Students, through different events such as webinars. But most importantly, this organization aims to bond every CpE student in our university, regardless of year and status, and become one family.

List of Officers:

President: Villy Jay S. Tolentino
Vice President – Internal Affairs: Arcel Christian H. Austria
Vice President – External Affairs: Ric Charles R. Burgos
Director of Finance: Maica V. Escalante
Director of Communication: Ailie Krystelle L. Dulay
Assistant Director of Documentation: Pauline Shane M. Querido
Director of Communication: Kurt Russel G. Sumilang
Assistant Director of Communication: Maricus Ian R. Fechalin
Fifth Year Representative: John Phillip Salvador T. Pontillas
Fourth Year Representative: Grace Ella Marie M. Alido
Third Year Representative: Jayvee L. Barroso
Second Year Representative: Alecssandrei Nicole A. Loyola
Administrator: Angelo P. Rafil

Official FB Page: