Student Organizations

Discover your potentials. Enhance your skills and fulfill your interests. Make your campus life more engaging. Be involved in our extra-curricular activities. Join any of our organizations.

AcademicGroups that are supportive of their respective programs or academic department.
Arts/CulturalGroups that allow students to showcase and enhance their interests in dancing, singing, acting, instruments and other artistic goals.
ReligiousAllow students to practice and pursue their beliefs.
Environmental and Other Social CausesGroups that are focused on social issues such as environment, volunteerism and others.
InternationalAllows international students to bond with fellow international students and share their cultural practices.
Special GroupsGroups that are focused on special area of interests such as scholastic, and others.

Application for Recognition of Student Organization

For the list of requirements and submission of application, please contact the Center for Student and Alumni Relations at email address: