FAQs on Online Classes for the 1st Semester of A.Y. 2020-2021

Uniform and Proper Dress Code and Personal Grooming

Am I required to wear my uniform during the conduct of online classes?

No, you are not required to be in uniform during online/virtual classes. However, you must observe the PROPER DRESS CODE and PROPER GROOMING while attending online classes.

Please take note that once we have our face-to-face (F2F) classes, you are required to wear your complete uniform.

What is the prescribed dress code while attending online classes?

You must wear a DECENT CIVILIAN ATTIRE. Remember to treat your online classes as if you are attending a face-to-face class. Sandos, sleeve shirts, night wear, tops that are low cut, bare midriff tops, and similar attires, are prohibited.

What is the proper personal grooming?

You are required to be presentable when you join your instructor and classmates in online classes: hair is well-groomed (bizarre hair colour and hairstyles are not allowed). You may colour your hair while you have the online classes provided it is nearest to your natural hair colour.

Where can I buy my uniform? (Regular uniform, special uniform, PE uniform, etc.)

You may buy your uniform(s) at the University bookstore.


Will my attendance be checked during online classes?

Yes, your faculty-in-charge will check and monitor your online attendance and tardiness.

Identification Card

Do I need to wear my identification card (ID) while attending online class?

There is no need. However, we will strictly check your ID at the gate when we already have the face-to-face class. No ID, No entry at the University gate.

How can I get my new ID from the University?

The Student Affairs Office will post online the names of students who may already claim their IDs.  SAO will provide you your schedule for claiming.

What do I need to present when claiming my new ID?

You must present a printed copy of your Enrolment Assessment Form (EAF) and medical clearance.

What if I do not have yet my medical clearance?

You are required to undergo or complete your medical clearance as soon as possible. Please coordinate with the Health Services Department at cav-hsd@lpu.edu.ph or 481-1458.

Lost ID

What will I do if I lost my LPU ID?

You must report your lost ID to the Student Affairs Office as soon as possible and provide the details how and where you lost your ID. The SAO staff will check if your ID is in the Lost & Found record. If returned to SAO, then your ID will be returned to you subject to personal verification and presentation of EAF.

How can I apply for an ID replacement?
  1. Get an affidavit of loss from a law office. Attach it to the replacement form
  2. Secure the ID replacement form from the ICT, fill up the form
  3. Proceed to Accounting Department and pay for the ID fee.
  4. Present the form, affidavit of loss and OR to SAO for validation.
  5. Schedule of ID release will be posted in the SAO bulletin board.

Personal Network and E-mail Account

Do I need LPU Cavite network & email account?

Yes. You are required to register at Information Communication Technology Department (ICT) for your LPU Cavite official network and email account access to your online classes’ platform and email accounts.

How can I register for my network and email account?

You may contact ICTD at helpdesk servicedesk.ict@lpu.edu.ph.

Is it okay to share my official network and email account?

NO. You MUST NOT share your account to anyone even to your closest friends.  It is a University policy to observe DATA PRIVACY. Your account is personal and must not be shared.

Is it okay to use my friend’s or classmate’s account?

You MUST NOT use your classmate’s or friend’s account. You will violate DATA PRIVACY LAW and University policies and guidelines.

Library Services

Is the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) of the library open during the 1st semester?

YES, the ARC services is open to officially registered students. Please contact ARC at cav-arc@lpu.edu.ph.


Can I avail of locker usage? Is there a fee?

Not this 1st semester while we have the online classes.

Yes, when we have the face-to-face classes.  Yes, there is a fee. Take note that this is an individual contract and MUST NOT BE SHARED with friends or classmates.

Good Moral Certificate

How can I apply for a good moral certificate?

Contact SAO thru email or text for your request. We will release your GMC upon presentation of O.R. or GMC fee payment.

Student Handbook

Where can I find more of the University policies and guidelines?

The University policies and guidelines are stated in the Student Handbook?

What is a Student Handbook?

The Student Handbook contains the set of guidelines, rules and regulations for students. It covers academic guidelines and policies, University History, Vision and Mission and Core Values, Student Discipline policies, list of offices, etc.

How can I have a copy of student Handbook?

All bona fide freshman students and transferees will be given a PDF digitized copy. Your copy will be emailed through your official email address.

In case you did not receive your copy, you may email SAO at cav-sao@lpu.edu.ph or lpuc_sao@lpu.edu.ph