Center for Student and Alumni Relations

The Center for Student and Alumni Relations (CSA) provides services that encourage the concept of student holistic development. It is committed to provide an environment conducive to personal, social, emotional, spiritual, and organizational development through involvement in student-governance and campus life programs and activities. It continues to plan, implement, evaluate, and support programs and services to meet student needs.

The CSA offers student services in the following areas:

  • Pursuance of holistic student development and life success
  • Recognition of student governments and student organizations and approval and conduct of their respective annual calendar of activities.
  • Conduct of various in-house and off-campus student development programs for students and student leaders such as leadership and accountability, first aid training, strengthening communication skills, teambuilding, etc.
  • Promotion of students values and discipline
    • Handbook Development Program (For a copy of your Student Handbook please email Center for Student and Alumni Relations at
    • Orientation Programs/Advocacy campaigns on student values & discipline
  • Protection of student well-being and welfare
    • Advocacy Programs to promote student well-being and welfare such as but not limited to, gender development, crime prevention, environment awareness, risk and disaster preparedness, sexual harassment and bullying, media and information literacy, and mental health and wellness.
    • Inter-faith Programs/Campus Ministry
  • Provide institutional student support programs and administrative services
  • Institutional Student Support Programs such as, but not limited to, Freshmen Orientation Programs
  • Administrative Services- These include issuance and replacement of school ID, good moral certificate, lost and found item, locker rental, and clearances.

Center for Student and Alumni Relations
(046) 481-1462