Fire & Earthquake Drill

Thousands of Lyceans take part in Fire and Earthquake Drill 2019

For the past years, news on the occurrence of the possible “Great Shake Off” has embraced the daily headlines, encouraging various government offices and agencies, establishments, schools and universities to take part in simultaneous earthquake drills all over the country.

This also popularized the “Duck, Cover and Hold” exercise as part of practical preparations should earthquake happen in the area.

On Monday, November 11, around 3,150 students, instructors, including non-teaching staff of the Lyceum of the Philippines- Cavite staged an earthquake scenario where everybody should go out of their classrooms, calmly come down from 5-storey building to the safety confines of an open field or stay underneath a solid object for safety.

The drill lasted for 23 minutes where students were asked to particularly observe the “Duck, Cover and Hold” technique to ensure safety during the occurrence of an earthquake.

The “duck” command means drop down to the floor, “cover” to ensure that the head and neck are protected by arms in case of falling debris and “hold” on to a sturdy piece of object and maintain that position until the shaking has stopped and it’s safe to move.

LPU- C Security Officers are in constant coordination with College of Nursing, Clinic Personnel, and other attached agencies such as the Brgy. Manggahan Police Station and Bureau of Fire Protection Station and City of General Trias Doctors Medical Center, among others, to ensure that drills like this will be properly facilitated.