College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

The dynamic field of hospitality and tourism requires a dynamic industry players that will intensify the significance of the services it provides. The industry’s globalization demands for an exemplary individuals with an exquisite competencies that is recognized internationally. With its mission in providing quality formed integral professionals and entrepreneurs, the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management had outstretch its academic initiatives through supplementing its refined curriculum with courses and programs that will fulfill the requirements of this fast changing industry.

The college had attained its PACUCOA Level 3 accredited status for both programs namely: International Hospitality Management and International Travel and Tourism Management and acquired a CHED Level 2 accredited status.

Ensuring the pathway to become a center of excellence in international tourism and hospitality education, the institution had conformed with the international standards of learning which lead us to the attainment of International Center for Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE –ICE) accreditation and Asia Pacific Institute of Events Management (APIEM) Center of Excellence accreditation. Gearing up to become the center of excellence in international hospitality and tourism education, the college had partnered with various international institutions as well as industry forerunners to form collaboration through exchange of trainings and workshops to both student and faculty members.

All subjects and activities imposed by the college were embedded with international standards of learning so as to equip the students with the right competency as they enter the global arena. These subject where handled by faculty members who had intensive industry experience, with excellent work etiquette and highly established career, also engage in further studies to advance their expertise on the field.

Remarkable companies both local and abroad had recognized our graduates through their commendable performance that exceeds what the industry expects. Hence, equipping our students with the excellent skills and good learning attitudes had been our distinguishing features that made us a significant difference among others.


To be the center of academic excellence in international tourism and hospitality education in the areas of tourism, hotel, restaurant, culinary arts and cruise line operations.


To provide the local and international tourism and hospitality industry with quality formed integral professionals and or entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable, skillful and value-laden.