CFAD Program Offerings

Whether you’re looking to enter a new career path quickly, advance your career or focus on relevant continued education, we have a variety of program options to meet your needs.

Bachelor of Photography

With a focus on visual literacy, the Bachelor in Photography is a program for students who with to broaden their knowledge and skillset in the field of photography and other image based fields. With a critical approach to photography, graduates are expected to not only be skilled with the camera but are able to bring the craft forward in new and innovative ways.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Major in Visual Communication (BFA)

With a strong traditional arts foundation, the Bachelor in Fine Arts program is designed for artists who wish to further their skills in the advertising sector of society. As a design degree, graduates will focus not only in painting and drawing, but with the fundamentals of advertising design, media, and visual communication.

Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (BMA)

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program focuses on its interdisciplinary approach to the arts. With a heavy focus on creatives in a technology driven world, this program aims to produce multifaceted artists and designers who are able to adapt to the changing world of technology and multimedia.