Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture

The College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture (COECSA) helps students realize their potential and acquire real-world practical skills that are critical in a rapidly evolving world. Our distinctive academic programmes provide students with numerous opportunities to develop as lifelong learners, global-minded leaders and socially responsible citizens. As such, COECSA programs aims to provide the highest quality, industry based, scientific, social and technological education to enable students to qualify for graduate or advanced education and professional work in a wide range of engineering, ICT and architectural activities.

As it adopts an outcomes – based learning framework to all its programs, the College maintains the above national passing rate in all it board exam performances. Granted with Level 3 for BS IT, Level 2 for BS CE, BS ME, BS EE, BS ECE and Level 1 in BS CpE, BS IE and BS CS programs accredited status by PACUCOA, the program’s thrust is to create and maintain an outcomes – based educational environment that shall enable graduates to practice the profession for the advancement of society  and promote professionalism in the engineering, ICT and architectural practice.


The College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture envisions itself as among the top team players in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICT) educational institutions that produce quality centered graduates who imbibe the fundamental core values of LPU and seek the truth and fortitude in the service of God and Country.


The College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture through the ideals of President Jose P. Laurel is committed to its mission:

As an institution inspired by the philosophy “Veritas et Fortitudo”, we conscientiously seek to provide students with a body of language that will enable them to apply the knowledge and skills in the fields of Engineering and ICT;

As a learning institution, we support the development and well-being of a competent, responsible and God-fearing individual through innovative, scientific, social, cultural and industry-based programs.

As a member of a conscientious community, we support programs that will lead to the development of community awareness through student participation in various activities that will highlight the social impact of Engineering and ICT in the business environment.