Business Administration

Today’s business leaders seek employees who have both the knowledge and experience necessary to make immediate and significant contribution to the workplace. The academic programs of the College of Business Administration are designed to meet this demands by

  1. Inculcating in the minds of the students the social, moral spiritual and ethical values,
  2. Providing the necessary knowledge and skills to meet entrepreneurial, industry and professional career requirements,
  3. Developing the students to become globally competitive graduates who possess the necessary knowledge in their field of specialization , skills in communication, leadership and information technology, and
  4. Training the students to become creative and analytical thinkers.

Ture to this objectives and in response to the very dynamic business environment, the College of Business Administration maintained faculty of instruction who are not only academically qualified, as they holders of applicable professional licenses, master’s degree and PhD degree holders, but also possess the positive attitude of concerns with the welfare of their students.

As testimonials of the quality of instructions provided by the faculty members of the CBA, graduates of programs with licensure examinations consistently registered passing percentage higher that the national passing. Two BSA graduates landed number eighteen in the CPA Licensure Examination and one BSCA graduate garnered the number ten spot in the Customer Brokers Examination.

In terms of national certification, The BSBA program was granted level III and BSA was granted Level 1 Accredited Status by a national Accrediting Body.


To be recognized as the center of excellence in Accountancy, Business Administration, Customs Administration, Real Estate Management and Entrepreneurship that develops business leaders and nurtures entrepreneurial attitudes, skills, and competencies.


Commitment towards the formation of competent, socially oriented, spiritually integrated and globally competitive business professionals through

  1. Undertaking research, disseminating and utilizing the results,
  2. Quality instructions using innovative teaching strategies,
  3. Involvement in community outreach and services, and
  4. Development of positive attitudes and ethical values.