LPU Response to Pandemic Crisis Generates Gratitude from Faculty and ASP

The increasing rate of unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought our society to an atmosphere of anxiety, criticisms, complaining, protests, and grievances. Along with job losses and the financial crisis, hopelessness has become the worst struggle of many people.  Moreover, conflicts between employers and employees are arising. The coronavirus even becomes more dangerous because of the negative ambiance it creates, particularly in the workplace. Many companies are being criticized for eliminating workers and reducing wages in times of crisis. Despite this situation, we can see which companies and employers are truly concerned with their workers.

Most of the workers often talk about the company’s shortcomings and never see the good it has done for them. But it is also important that we recognize and appreciate their significant contributions during the crisis. Instead of complaining and criticizing the things they were not able to do, why not be thankful for their help to somehow alleviate the suffering brought by the pandemic.

There are some companies that truly care about their employees and do not neglect their situation even when they are struggling because of the economic downturn. One of these companies is the Lyceum of the Philippines University headed by Atty. Roberto P. Laurel.

Since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine last March 2020, the Lyceum of the Philippines University has been very supportive of its employees by continuously giving compensation to help them sustain their economic needs. The LPU management led by Atty. Laurel has truly shown not only resilience but also care for their human resources. Even after the classes were suspended, the LPU continued to provide a work from the home scheme for faculty and academic support personnel with pay so as not to neglect the condition of its employees. Some of the employees expressed their gratitude to the LPU management and to Atty. Laurel:

“I appreciate the compassion that LPU management has shown toward their employees during the pandemic. They stayed with and supported us during this difficult time.”

– Faculty Member, LPU Cavite

I am thankful to the Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite administration for still retaining me to work even in this time of crisis. Through LPU’s continuous support, I can still provide for my family’s needs.”

– ASP (Acad. Support Personnel)

Although it is very difficult for a private company to continue to retain employees and compensate them in times of recession, LPU continues to consider and find ways to help its workers. Such things deserve to be thanked and appreciated. It proves that LPU is not only taking the lead in providing quality higher education but also in having a supportive personnel administration.

As the former President Jose Laurel had sacrificed to serve the Filipino people in the midst of trying times during the Second World War, the LPU, together with the Laurel family, are also dedicated to serving its people to the best they can even in this severe public health crisis. It is a great encouragement for us in the LPU Community that while the world is facing this challenge and calamity, LPU has taught us that there are still reasons to be grateful, peaceful, and hopeful in life no matter how difficult the trials are.