College of Liberal Arts and Education

The college provides a cornerstone for students with a passion for profound learning in the liberal arts and education. The courses are designed to motivate curiosity and scaffold practical education, which draws the students towards the careers that they want to pursue. The faculty roster is a mixture of pure educators and industry-based professional lecturers who provide academic training and practical drills.


The College of Liberal Arts and Education envisions itself as a center of internationally recognized programs in the fields of liberal arts and education committed to promoting LPU ideals—Veritas et Fortitudo, Pro Deo et Patria.


The College of Liberal Arts and Education is committed to the following missions:

  • Conduct relevant research in the liberal arts and education to advance knowledge.
  • Link the academic community to potential local and global partners.
  • Apply innovative strategies to industry-based teaching and learning.
  • Equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to be globally competitive.
  • Advocate nationalism, the arts, and cultural preservation.
  • Nurture values and professionalism through experiential learning and immersion.
  • Serve the needs of the community by engaging in community outreach programs.