CAMS Program Offerings

Whether you’re looking to enter a new career path quickly, advance your career or focus on relevant continued education, we have a variety of program options to meet your needs.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT)

Medical Technology is a branch of laboratory medicine dealing with the examination of body fluids and tissues with the use of various chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic methods. It involves the application of principles of natural, physical and biological sciences to the performance of laboratory procedures, which aid in the diagnosis, prevention, prognosis and treatment of disease and maintenance of health.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BSRT)

Radiologic Technology is a four-year degree program which focuses on the preparation of students in the delivery of appropriate patient care and the use of ionizing radiation to produce medical images for diagnoses. This preparation encompasses all the necessary skills to operate specialized equipment in a competent and safe manner with confidence, effectiveness and efficiency. Clinical experiences are provided in all areas of general diagnostic radiography as well as the specialty areas of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and cardiac and vascular interventional studies. Students complete clinical assignments at a variety of health care sites during their clinical internship.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPh)

Pharmacy is a health profession that integrates the health sciences with chemical sciences. It is the art and science of biological agents used as drugs for the prevention, diagnosis, cure and treatment of diseases of man and animals. The study of pharmacy is founded on the identification, discovery, isolation, synthesis and formulation of biologically active compounds for clinical use. Pharmacists are not just experts on drug information but also authorities on drug use.